Mi’s New Accessories Include a 30W Fan Cooled Wireless Charging Stand

  • The China-based company said it is the first to announce 30W wireless charging technology
  • Xiaomi is also testing 40W wireless charging technology for the 5G era
Mi 30W Charging and Mi 5G Smartphone

Xiaomi has introduced its first 30W fast wireless charging device, part of the four wireless charging breakthroughs that, as per the company, include so far the highest power reverse-charging capabilities, which Mi 9 Pro 5G will sport at its upcoming launch. The company also brought two new wireless charging accessories, and announced the forming of a wireless charging alliance with leading companies across industries.

Company’s official statement read, “Xiaomi is pleased to announce four technological innovations in the field of wireless charging, including an efficient 4:1 direct-charge architecture, high power wireless reverse-charging technology, a more secure and stable dual band transmission technology, and a universal combination of wired OTG reverse-charging and high-power wireless reverse-charging – all providing a higher efficiency for wireless charging in all kinds of scenes.”

4000 mAh battery from zero to 50 per cent in about 25 minutes

The company said that when compared to its previous 20W wireless charging 2:1 direct-charge architecture, the new 4:1 direct-charge architecture utilizes two levels of charge pump voltage reduction. It said that the latest 30W fan-cooled wireless charging stand can charge a 4000 mAh battery from zero to 50 per cent in about 25 minutes, and 100 per cent in 69 minutes.

Xiaomi’s official statement read, “The brand new dual band transmission technology also utilizes Bluetooth. Compared to the communication protocol of the original Qi standard, which combines data and power transmissions, the dual band transmission technology separates the power transmission from the data communication. It also uses the mobile device’s Bluetooth function to transmit data, greatly reducing the chance of disconnecting while in wireless charging mode and improving stability, with some additional benefits like transmitting time and battery percentage information between devices.”

Mi 9 Pro 5G smartphone

The soon arriving Mi 9 Pro 5G supports four types of charging: wired fast charging, wireless flash charging, wired OTG reverse charging and wireless reverse charging. This combination enables you to charge your devices whenever, and wherever. Xiaomi explained, “For example, when your phone is using wired fast charging, you can also use its wireless reverse charging functionality to charge other phones or earphones that support wireless charging; or supply power to other devices through wired OTG while it is using wireless flash charging.”

In addition, Xiaomi also revealed that its 40W wireless charging technology is already in test, aimed at spearheading in innovations in charging technologies and empowering the 5G era.

Two new charging accessories

Mi 30W fan-cooled Wireless charging stand sports an ergonomic design, allowing for optimal viewing and operating while charging wirelessly. It also features a vertical air duct design that allows the air outlet to blow directly to the phone to reduce obstructions, improve heat dissipation and reduce the dust trapped in the air duct.

The 20W smart tracking wireless charging pad elevates the wireless charging experience by automatically tracking and aligning its charging coils to a user’s smartphone. Its brand new dual band transmission technology displays the receiving smartphone’s charging status and time while charging wirelessly.