Samsung Showcases More Smart Home Appliances at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

  • Samsung informed that these smart home appliances will be retailed in the USA in the second half of this year
  • Samsung’s new slide-in ranges can be controlled with popular voice assistants

Samsung has announced the launch of new slide-in range line, first-ever side-by-side Family Hub refrigerator, and a new AirDresser at the 2020 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. The company will start retailing these in the USA starting second-half of the year.

“Technology and innovation are in our DNA at Samsung. We listen carefully to the things that consumers tell us they want for their modern, connected homes,” stated John Herrington, SVP, general manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America.

“As we designed these new products, we considered every single detail—from color to user experience—in order to ensure we’re offering families innovations that make their daily lives more convenient, more efficient, and more meaningful.”

New slide-in ranges with intelligent controls

Certain models of the new Samsung slide-in ranges can be controlled with popular voice assistants, which consumers can instruct to preheat. The ranges, as per Samsung can also learn preferences and cooking habits over time.

“If you frequently set your oven to a certain temperature to bake your family’s favorite cookies, it will suggest that temperature first when you preheat your oven,” read Samsung’s official statement.

It continued, “You can remotely monitor and adjust cooking times or temperatures from your smartphone, even when you’re in the family room instead of the kitchen. The ranges also give you the ability to search for recipes through the SmartThings app and send your selected recipe’s cooking mode directly to your oven to streamline meal prep.”

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Family Hub refrigerator

The company has also introduced a new side-by-side refrigerator under the Family Hub brand name. Each model, as informed by Samsung, has a redesigned interior, with large capacity designed to fit more groceries.

“Family Hub brings families closer together and streamlines communication. It helps you create your own culture of sharing through the Family Board—a digital bulletin board where everyone can easily stick notes, photos, or videos they want to share on display. With View Inside, you can view what’s inside your fridge anywhere, anytime,” read Samsung’s official statement.

It continued, “Family Hub also offers enhanced Smart View, providing a more seamless screen mirroring experience from Galaxy phones and TVs, making it a source of endless entertainment in the kitchen. And with the SmartThings app, Family Hub becomes the remote control for your smart home—letting you instantly connect, monitor, and control all of your smart appliances and Works with SmartThings smart items, including multiple cameras at a single glance.”

New AirDresser

The launches by Samsung at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show also include an AirDresser. This AirDresser, as Samsung informed, uses steam technology to smoothen out wrinkles, remove odors, and sanitize clothes.

“AirDresser uses steam technology to smooth out wrinkles, remove odors, and sanitize your clothes, so that they look and feel fresh—and are ready to wear—in just under 48 minutes. AirDresser can even send you alerts when your clothes are ready via the SmartThings app, and you can even remotely monitor, control, and download additional clothing care options through the app,” read Samsung’s official statement.

It continued, “And because it doesn’t require a water line, AirDresser can fit into the spot that is most convenient for you, whether that’s your closet, your bedroom, or any other part of your home.”