iBall Launches Alexa Built-in Decibel Headset with Focus on Quality


Priced at Rs. 1,799, iBall’s Alexa built-in Decibel Headset offers portability and quality sound experience with no need for artificial bass boosting

iBall Decibel Headset

iBall has launched ‘iBall Decibel Headset’ that has Alexa built-in to provide a portable audio experience inside and outside homes. It offers multiple slots ranging from FM Radio, AUX and MicroSD for direct music playback.

Speaking on the newest launch, Sandeep Parasrampuria, CEO and Director, iBall said, “Voice-based response is on the rise and is bound to become a way of life in a short time. With the launch of our Alexa built-in iBall Decibel headset, we are bringing a unique experience to our Indian consumers.”

He highlighted the portability feature of the headset and said that Alexa should accompany the users everywhere they go. iBall has therefore enabled the feature to download the “Hubble Connect for Verve Life” App on both Android™ and iOS™ devices and access multiple other features and updates. It has a multi-function button on the Headset that allows access to one’s phone for Calls and Music as a regular Bluetooth headset.

iBall headset quality

The Decibel Headset is claimed to be comfortable for an all-day wear. The over-ear headphone features the acoustic headphone structure that delivers powerful low notes and eliminates the need for artificial bass boosting. Its 40 mm driver unit delivers a wider frequency range with balanced and powerful low notes and extended high notes.


iBall Decibel is packed with an integrated high-quality microphone that offers clarity while talking to someone. The Headphone brings high-quality audio performance at any volume and has six hours of battery life at one go. Priced at Rs. 1799, it comes in 3 colour combinations – Oxford Blue, White Cushion and Silver grill, Oxford Blue, Black Cushion and Silver grill and the third is a mix of Charcoal Black, Black Cushion and Bronze Gold grill. It will be available within a few weeks in retail outlets.