Iball Launches Wireless Headphones For Children in India

  • Iball said that these wireless headphones emit only a maximum of 85 DB sound output
  • These, as per the company, are also made from non-toxic materials
Iball kids wireless headphones

Iball, India’s home-grown tech accessory brand has announced the launch of a new range of headphones in the country. The company said that these headphones are specifically designed for children. Iball’s official statement read, “The Kids wired and wireless headphones are custom made for Boys as kids Star and Girls as Kids Diva.”

Iftekhar Ahmed, VP, Marketing, iBall said, “It’s common knowledge that adult headphones are not suitable for children due to their weight, fit and size difference, and also notably due to the high volume levels that aren’t safe for a child’s ears. To cater to all the concerned parents and music-loving children, we are excited to launch the Kids range of headphones in wireless and wired variants that are not only safe but also colourful, cute and easy to use. We look forward to introducing additional products for children in various categories.”

85 DB maximum sound output

Iball said that its latest wireless headphones for children do not emit sound output more than 85 decibels (DB). These, as per the company, are made using non – toxic materials.

Company’s official statement read, “We at iBall have taken utmost care for your child’s innocent ears. Some important features such as soft cushions for comfort fit, light-weight head band, tangle-free wires, durable and non – toxic materials are used to offer a child friendly and magical listening experience.”

It continued, “Not only do they come in exciting designs and attractive colors, but they are also best suited for a complete sound, safety and quality checked music devise. They are safety certified specially for child use as they have a maximum sound output that is less than 85 dB which is just right for the aural sensitivity of children.”

The iBall Kids Star and Kids Diva wireless Bluetooth headphones come with a mic. These kids wireless headphones have a built-in rechargeable battery (USB charge) with a charging time of approx 2.5 hours for a long lasting, non-stop usage of approx 10 hours.