Honeywell Introduces Smart Home Wiring Devices in India

  • The company says that these devices do not require any structural or electrical overhaul
  • Goldmedal Electricals and Crompton have already launched such products in India
Honeywell Smart Switches

Honeywell has announced a new range of smart wiring devices for the Indian market. These devices, as per the company, are easy to install, use, and maintain. The company has launched these products in Harmony, Expression and Prestige ranges.

Anupam Mathur, sales director, New Business, Honeywell Building Technologies, India said, “The range has been designed to keep the ease of use and implementation in mind. They do not require any structural and electrical overhaul because of its modular design, and we are confident that the range will resonate well with the industry.”

Artificial intelligence-driven

This new range of smart wiring devices, as per Honeywell, are artificial intelligence-driven, intelligent, secure, built-on mesh network for better signal transmission, and enable smooth communication across all devices. Honeywell’s official statement read, “The Honeywell smart wiring devices combine intelligent automation, advanced analytics and data visualization with the contemporary user experience of home and mobile electronics. They feature simple, intuitive displays to enhance experience and comfort. The latest release provides holistic integration to create a seamless hub of information pulled from smartphone app, IT network, which allows for superior experience and advanced automation.”

It continued, “The expansive range of smart wiring devices is backed by patented modular technology which is key for adoption by builders and end customer, as this brings familiarity in operation yet sophistication with features and elegance in aesthetics. The system can learn a users’s behavior over period time and offers predictive analytics through artificial intelligence to further simplify life.”

Different target audience with different products?

The three ranges of these smart wiring devices launched by Honeywell include Harmony, Expression and Prestige. Honeywell said that The Harmony series focuses on affordability and neutrality with the use of subtle color and material finish differences which fits into any wall surface.

The Expression range, on the other hand, is customizable and focuses on emotional manifestation. Honeywell is offering the Prestige series as a premium offering.

Mathur added, “Honeywell has been at the forefront of launching innovative products specifically designed for Indian needs and we are excited to announce the new range of smart wiring devices which are truly modular and retrofittable,