Samsung Launches World’s First Refrigerator that Prepares Curd

  • Samsung India has also introduced its 2020 refrigerators line-up
  • The company said these new refrigerators are engineered to save energy

Samsung has announced the launch of the Curd Maestro refrigerator in India. The company has also introduced India’s first frost free refrigerator and five-star direct cool single door refrigerator lineup with base-stand-drawer.

“At Samsung we believe in meaningful innovations that transform lives of people. Convenience, storage space and energy efficiency are the key features consumers look for in a refrigerator, and our 2020 range addresses all these needs. We are confident that the new range of refrigerators will further strengthen our market leadership in the refrigerator category,” said Raju Pullan, SVP, consumer electronics business, Samsung India.

Samsung is retailing its new 2020 refrigerator lineup across all retail channels and on Samsung Shop starting January 2020. The range starts from Rs 17,990 for the new 198-litre direct cool single door refrigerator to Rs 45,990 for the smart convertible 5-in-1 Refrigerator. Curd Maestro models will be priced between Rs 30,990 and Rs 45,990.

Samsung Curd Maestro

Samsung’s 2020 refrigerator line-up

The company has introduced Curd Maestro refrigerators that come with Samsung’s smart convertible 5-in-1 twin cooling technology. Samsung has plans to retail these in 244-litre, 265-litre, 314-litre and 336-litre capacities.

“For generations, curd has been an essential condiment paired with varied Indian recipes across geographies; but curd preparation is demanding. Curd Maestro, Samsung’s Make for India innovation, is resultant of the company’s deep understanding of Indian consumers needs over the years, and addresses the pain points of daily curd making. National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) has tested and recommended the process of curd making in Samsung’s Curd Maestro,”read Samsung’s official statement.

The company has also launched 2020 frost-free refrigerator line-up. Consumers, as informed by Samsung, can now store non-perishable vegetables in the base-stand-drawer. This drawer gives the refrigerator a tall boy design preferred by Indian consumers. Samsung has plans to retail this in 253-litre capacity model only.