Oppo Reno 2Z Smartphone Debuts in India

  • The company has equipped this smartphone with all-new ColorOS 6.1 that combines new software and hardware
  • Oppo’s new ColorOS 6.1 dual Wi-Fi can connect to two Wi-Fi simultaneous

China based Oppo has unveiled its latest Reno 2Z smartphone in India. This latest iteration of Oppo’s Reno series features a quad camera setup and hybrid image stabilization technology along with ultra steady mode, SOLOOP video editor and dual Wi-Fi. The company has announced that it will be retailing the same at a price of Rs 29,990 in the country.

One of Oppo’s latest tweets read, “Oppo Reno 2Z is packed with a 48MP Quadcam, Ultra Dark Mode, Ultra Steady Video, 8GB RAM + 256GB storage, 6.5″ (16.5 cm) AMOLED Panoramic Screen, and more! Available now at Rs 29,990.”

Roping in Bollywood stars

The BBK owned smartphone brand has also roped in Bollywood stars Sonakshi Sinha and Manish Paul for a advertisement of the latest Reno 2Z smartphone. It is to be noted here that most of BBK’s smartphone brands are big spenders on branding and marketing campaigns.

Oppo and Vivo have been associated with several sporting events and sports teams all around the globe. BBK not only operates Vivo and Oppo but also has Oneplus and Realme smartphone brands under its umbrella.

The company, as per a recent report by Counterpoint Research, declined three per cent YoY, however it has shown 53 per cent QoQ growth due to new launches, consistent performance of its F11 series and increased shipments towards the budget segment (A5s and A1K). Counterpoint had issued this report for Q2 2019.

Dual Wi-Fi connectivity

Oppo Reno 2Z features, as explained by the company read as mentioned below.

Ultra Dark Mode, seeing what we can’t see

The Reno2 Z’s Ultra Dark Mode covers an entire range of different night scenes thanks to its powerful NPU and the fine-tuned algorithms of ColorOS 6.1. When brightness is less than 5 lux, the OS will automatically activate Ultra Dark mode, which boosts the camera’s photosensitivity far beyond that of a naked eye, allowing you to reveal objects in the night with the use of a built-in NPU that quickens picture processing. Users can now capture stunning scenes like fireflies at night and candlelit dinners.

Ultra Steady Mode, enabling dynamic shooting with minimal shake

OPPO’s industry-leading Ultra Steady Mode ups the stability of videos, enabling users to capture smooth, steady videos while running, skiing, skateboarding, cycling, and more. It also boasts Electronic Image Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilization, which compensate users’ shaky shots more accurately. Check out this comparison video to see its improved stability over the previous Reno series.

SOLOOP video editor, creating eye-catching video with ease

Reno2 series features an independent video editing APP, SOLOOP, which creates a seamless experience covering video shooting, editing and sharing. With SOLOOP, users can create videos with one tap and then share them on their favorite social media platforms. It can identify and categorize scenarios using intelligent sorting, while also providing various templates with different music and filters.

With Dual Wi-Fi, say goodbye to unstable connections

Unlike most dual Wi-Fi functions on the market, which only support dual-channel connections (2.4GHz and 5GHz), the ColorOS 6.1 dual Wi-Fi can connect to two Wi-Fi simultaneously. Dual Wi-Fi refers to the ability to connect two Wi-Fi networks at the same time using the capability of DBS/DBDC chip, making surfing the web faster and smoother. This can help improve the overall speed and enable seamless transitions between different Wi-Fi networks.

Tougher Security, for more peace-of-mind

Reno2’s ColorOS 6.1 better protects user data, allowing users to use a third-party App without providing their personal information like call history, contacts and more. ColorOS 6.1’s exclusive “Hide Apps” function can help users to hide App icons for apps that are set as encrypted, avoiding any potentially embarrassing leaks of sensitive personal information.