Has Huawei Already Been Working on its Own Operating Software?


There is a big possibility that Huawei’s OS, if introduced, will not only take on the likes of Google Android, but also KaiOs

Huawei would have found itself in soup when USA banned it from doing business in the country. The blow would have gotten stronger when reports of Google ending support for Huawei smartphone’s surfaced. What if Huawei has already been working on its own OS to take on the likes of Android and even KaiOS?

Sounds irrational, but the developments may be true. Electronics For You has learnt that Huawei might have been working on its OS since last two years. It seems as if China-based Huawei was always prepared with a contingency plan.

An individual, aware of the developments told Electronics For You, “Huawei has carried out initial tests of the OS it has developed but I think it will wait before introducing the same in the market. Huawei will give time to Google for re-considering giving the Android support.”

What about apps?

Huawei, as per the individual is very serious about its OS. The company had started working on apps for its platform long time back. Additionally there are third party apps on Google Play as well. The individual said, “Even Whatsapp and Facebook are third party apps, but the problem is they are owned by a company based in US.”

It is to be noted here that Huawei has also started focusing its energy on Europe and Asia. The company had recently said that it will be investing 35 million Euros in Paris OpenLab over next five years.

Navkender Singh, research director, devices and ecosystem, mentioned that it is pretty obvious that Huawei has been working on its own OS but the more important thing is to peel the onion and check why Huawei has been doing it.

He said, “Huawei makes its own chipset and own hardware. The only piece missing is OS. Now, if Huawei is able to introduce its own OS, it will not only be able to control the entire value chain, but it will also be able to control the experience of the customer as well. Better margins as Huawei will no longer pay to Google are also a possibility.”

On being asked if there is space for one more OS in the world, Faisal Kawoosa, founder, Techarc said, “I see an opportunity for Huawei here. If they come up with their own OS and supporting Apps, they will be able to gain huge base.”

He explained further, “The USP of Huawei lies in its country of origin. It can easily manage to sell smartphones at prices in the $30 to $50 range. And because it is headquartered in China, good specifications and features in low prices would not be a worry for it at all.”

Singh added, “One the app ecosystem starts developing, more and more developers start developing apps. The more the number of apps available, the more end users get attracted to the OS. It is a circle that starts with apps, revolves around to users and follows the same pattern again and again.”

The math

It is a known fact that the China government is very supportive for the companies based in the country. There is no doubt that it will not support Huawei in its endeavour. Then comes doubt whether the audience will like Huawei’s OS or not. Well, largely the like-ability factor depends on what Huawei designs but there might be space for one more OS in the world.

Jaime Gonzalo, VP, Europe Mobile Services, Huawei Consumer Business Group, recently said, “Huawei Mobile Services are designed to enhance our users’ experience by connecting them with the most suitable content for every moment of their daily lives. This is achieved thanks to our intelligent, contextual distribution ecosystem. Partners gain access to Huawei’s fast-growing user base, whilst Huawei manages the editorial and technical optimization of our services.” He was speaking at the Huawei’s Mobile first developer day in Europe.

Huawei’s official statement regarding this developer day read, “Huawei offers a full-range apps distribution solution to developers such as OOBE (Out-of-box experience), AppGallery, AppAdvisor, etc. Huawei covers the entire application experience life cycle, and supports the story-telling of each unique content provider to a broad user group.”

KaiOs, a platform that largely rules the feature phones and smart features phones space has proved that audience accepts good things. Huawei, undoubtedly, has the money and people to carry out extensive research and come out with its own OS. And if the individual that we spoke to is to be believed than the other OS companies should keep their eyes open for the next six months. An email sent to Huawei team in India remains unanswered till the filing on this story.

However, an industry expert, on conditions of anonymity said, “I think Google will start supporting Huawei back in some time from now. What if the likes of Samsung think that what could happen with Huawei could also happen with them, and start developing OS of their own?”