BPL eyes home automation and surveillance market in India


BPL has been a name we all are fimilair with, but the company which disappeared for a couple of years, is now back with its home automation and surveillance products. The company hopes that these two segments has immense scope for growth and it has been doing internal reaseach all these three years to come with products that are best suited for the country. Atanu Kumar Das spoke to K, Vijaya Kumar, CEO, BPL to further explain the company’s roadmap.

Where did BPL disappear all these years?

We didn’t disappear, we were doing our internal research to come up with the right products that can create a rage in the market. We realised that home automation and surveillance are two areas that has immense potential for growth. We have manufactured all our products in our Bengaluru factory and all these products are made to suit Indian conditions. We have launched more than 80 surveillance products in the market today with prices starting as low as Rs 1,000. We truly believe that BPL can make great inroads in security and surveillance market in the country. We would like to tap 10 per cent of market share in the survelliance segment in the next two to three years. The survelliance market in India is currently pegged at Rs 3,000 crore.

Moreover, we will be first company in India to launch drone cameras and it should out in the market in three to four months. I believe that drone cameras will also have their market and we want to one of the leaders in that segment.

We are always working on new products and technology. In every three to six months you would see us coming with new products and technology. We feel that there is a genuine requirement for this, the way society is growing. Safety and security is a major constraint and we feel we can fulfill that gap in the country.

Talk us about your home automation products?

Home automation is another segment that will see immense traction in the coming years. We have solutions starting from as low as Rs 50,000 and it cam go up to Rs 20 lakh. We have tied with with many real estate players in Karnataka and started working with them on the home automation front. I believe now a days people want to view what is happening in their home even if they are not at home because they spend lot of time travelling or being in office. Home automation helps them to relax and feel secure that their home is perfectly fine. The total market size of automation is estimated to be around Rs 600 crore and it is expected to grow in double figures in the coming years.

We have also appointed 10 national distributors. In Delhi and NCR, the company has appointed Elcom as its distributor.

Talk us about your other consumer electronics products?

We have launched our consumer electronics products like televisions, refrigerators and washing machines online as we have tied up with Flipkart. We keep on launching new models from time to time as we believe e-commerce is the way forward. BPL has launched 24-inch, 32-inch and 40-inch TV sets and closer to the festive season, will launch several more products including smart TVs.

Presently, the televisions sets that are getting manufactured are outsourced but we would like to start manufacturing televisions and washing machines in our Bengaluru and Palakkad plant soon.