Cashify Acqui-Hires Phone Screen Repair Service Provider Teksolvr


The move seems aimed to expand Cashify’s presence in phone screen repair services in North India. Cashify has been acqui-hiring since 2015

Cashify has expanded its phone screen repair services business in Chandigarh Tricity by acquiring Chandigarh based Teksolvr. The company is known for providing door to door phone screen repair services in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Cashify ScreenPro claims that it has serviced more than one lac customers across five cities namely Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bengaluru and Mumbai in India. An official statement released by the company confirmed that it is aggressively looking to expand business in new geographical locations.

Amit Sethi, one of the co-founders of Cashify, said, “We are glad to welcome Teksolvr team to the Cashify family. Teksolvr is a market leader in Chandigarh Tricity that has been doing great work in combining customer experience with service quality which also matches the ethos of Cashify. Together this combination will bring a lot of innovation and delight matching the objectives of both organisations.”

Cashify acqui-hiring in India since 2015

This is not the first time that Cashify has acqui-hired a team in India. In fact, the organization has followed the same route to expand its phone repair services since 2015. Bengaluru based Mobibing was the first startup that Cashify had acqui-hired in 2015. Cashify had merged Mobibing’s team with its own customer experience operations in order to expand reach in India.

Amit, on the concept of acqui-hiring added, “Acqui-hiring has been a proven way to on-board best talent and get access to technology and domain expertise in a particular sector. It also helps bring profitability to both the partners. Cashify has been able to make these acqui-hires as partners having a strong faith in our capability and vision for the Indian Market”

Teksolvr is the second company that Cashify has acqui-hired. As a part of the deal, the entire core tech team of Teksolvr will be inducted in Cashify, to scale up its work force in the phone screen repair services sector.

Manpreet Singh, founder and CEO, Teksolvr said, “We are excited to be a part of Cashify. I’m sure that with our obsession for quality, credible SLA along with fair and transparent pricing, people will be able to book screen-repair with confidence. We share the same passion for customer-delight as ScreenPro, and hence the alliance seemed to be a good culture and value fit for us.”

Teksolvr, a Chandigarh based start-up, has been operational in providing live screen repair services since July 2017. Cashify’s USP till now has been a 6-month warranty on repaired phone screens and a 7-days money-back promise.

“With smartphone sizes getting bigger every year, the screens are getting more vulnerable too. An independent study suggests that more than 30 per cent of premium smartphone owners worry about their screen, and a minor crack is enough to get them thinking about a replacement. Naturally, a prompt and hassle-free screen repair service that delivers quality will become a quick-favorite”, added Kshitij Mohan, Business Head at Cashify ScreenPro.