Intex Launches 10 Feature Phones under ECO and Turbo Series


The latest feature phones from Intex are seemed to be targeted towards consumers residing in smaller towns and the hinterland

Intex has announced the launch of 10 new feature phones under Eco and Turbo series in India. These latest feature phones from Intex, as per the company, will be available to customers during the course of the next 10 weeks. Prices of these phones start from Rs 745 in India.

Commenting on the launch of Intex’s new feature phones, Intex Technologies director, Nidhi Markandey said, “To mark the coming new year, we wanted to give a wide choice to feature phone users and give them an impressive range to choose from.”

Intex feature phones lineup and specifications

The latest range of feature phones launched under Intex’s ECO series and Turbo series include – Eco 102X, Eco 105+, ECO 106X, Eco 107 & 107+, Eco Slimzz and ECO 210x. All feature phones in the Intex Eco lineup feature 1.8-inch display units. The batteries that come with these phones range between 500 mAh and 2000 mAh.

These latest Intex Eco series feature phones, as per the company, offer multi-language support, camera, GPRS, mobile tracker, battery saver, Wireless FM radio, dedicated music keys, vocal dialer, one key screen shot, auto-call recorder and smart control.

Markandey said, “With these, feature phone users will get smart features like Wireless FM Support, Menu in 5 languages, ability to read/write in 23 languages, Battery saver, voice dialer, Data protection, screenshot, peer control, auto-call recorder, LED Torch.”

Feature phones under Intex Turbo series sport displays that are up to 2.4-inches in size. The Turbo range is inclusive of four phones namely – Turbo 108, Turbo 210+, Turbo G10+ and Turbo Slimzz. The Intex Turbo feature phone-book, as claimed by the brand, can hold up to 2,000 contacts. These phones come with an option to expand memory by up to 32 GBs.

Powered by batteries ranging from 1000 mAh to 1700 mAh, the Intex Turbo series also features call record, data protection, vocal dialer, wireless FM, one key screen-shot, one key auto call recorder, smart-divert, blacklist/whitelist, mobile tracker and multi-language support options.

Markandey continued, “Being a 22-year-old Indian company, Intex understands the needs and requirements of the consumers especially those residing in smaller towns and the hinterland. We have always striven to improve and empower the lives of people through feature-rich products and this new range of feature phones is the testimony to our commitment”.