Samsung focuses on the Indian Market


Currently, India is amongst the leading market of Samsung’s innovation strategy.

The consumer electronics major has as many as three research labs in India, which are located at Bengaluru, Delhi, and Noida.

According to the company, these centres, employ over 12,000 research engineers who are working on innovative technologies across almost all areas of business.

The South Korean firm has total sales of $196 billion (Rs.13 lakh crore).
The specific demands and needs of the Indian market are helping Samsung Electronics to encourage innovation and create new products in the country. The world’s biggest consumer electronics company is uncovering demand for these products not only in India but other countries as well with similar needs.

Recently Samsung showcased new range of innovative products like, convertible refrigerators, washing machines with built-in sink and jet to wash tough stains and microwaves that can prepare rotis and naans at the Samsung Southwest Asia Forum 2016 event in Kuala Lumpur.

Other customised gadgets with India specific features were smartwatches which are designed to track the calories of users after eating Indian food and smart televisions that allow consumers to browse websites as well as watch favourite shows.