20 December 2019: Top Consumer Electronics News From India

  • IoT embedded devices forecast to be a big-big opportunity in 2020
  • $43 million from iPhones made with stolen parts
  • Oppo’s focus on IoT products
  • LG’s 2020 8K TVs range at CES 2020
  • Huawei’s answer to Google’s Android?
    and more consumer electronics news from India

Indians Will Buy Connected Devices Worth US$ 45.7 Billion in 2020: Techarc

$43 Million From Selling iPhones Made With Stolen Parts: Report

Oppo To Launch IoT Platform, Smartwatch in 2020

LG 8K TV to Display CTA’s 8K UHD Logo Starting 2020

$1 Billion: Huawei’s Fund For Developing its Own Operating Software