Xiaomi Claims it Sold Two Million TVs in Just Over a Year’s Time


Company’s global VP Manu Kumar Jain too to one of his social media accounts to announce the achievement. Instead of using the word shipped, he used sold this time

Xiaomi, apart from smartphones, seems to be growing in the smart TV market in India as well. Company’s India CEO, Manu Kumar Jain took to Twitter yesterday and posted that Xiaomi has sold two million TVs in the country in 14 months times.

His tweet, posted yesterday, read, “This is crazy. We’ve sold two Million Mi TVs in just 14 months. I doubt if any brand has sold so many smart TVs so fast. We are truly bringing smart TV experience to millions of Indians.”

Interestingly, Xiaomi, since its inception in the country, has only launched smart TVs in different sizes. The China-based company is not retailing any model of normal TVs in India.

Xiaomi’s TV line-up in India

Xiaomi, does not have a big smart TV portfolio in India. It only sells eight smart TV models here. It seems that the Xiaomi, unlike, a lot of other TV brands, is focusing on selling more TVs than introducing more models. Available in sizes ranging from 32-inch to 55-inch, Xiaomi retails its TVs at starting prices of Rs 12,499, while the top end 55-inch variant costs Rs 45,000.

IDC’s Smart Home Device Tracker Report had earlier said that Xiaomi was number one smart TV brand in India for three consecutive quarters in a row. IDC’s report read, “Video entertainment category which includes smart TVs, streaming sticks and set-top boxes grew 81 per cent year over year, and the category continues to dominate with 85 per cent unit share within the portfolio of various smart home products. Xiaomi, which debuted in the smart TV market in the first quarter of 2018, tripled its shipments in 2018 Q2 and became the leading brand in this category.”

Xiaomi may bring more products to India

Xiaomi, the China-based consumer electronics and technology company, may soon add a lot more products to its consumer electronics vertical in India. It is to be noted here that Xiaomi sells far more products in its home country than what it sells here in India.

The brand is also famous for trying its hands on categories that are not consumer electronics at all. Xiaomi, had recently launched shoes in India, and had taken the crowdfunding route for retailing those in the country.