Do-it-yourself: Convert Your Laptop Into A Multimedia Center


Have you ever thought of making your own media center PC that can handle nearly every available multimedia format? Here is how you can make your dream come true by creating an awesome media center with the help of home theatre open source software, Kodi (formerly XBMC). Kodi can be downloaded from Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

Kodi is a cross-platform application that works on Linux-based operating systems like Mac OS X and Windows. Currently, KODI can be used to play almost all available audio and video formats. It is commonly used to stream and play media files online or locally on computers or even handsets.

You will need the following hardware to start installation:
1. USB drive (at least 512MB)
2. An old laptop
3. HDMI cable
4. Screwdriver

Kodi is a multiplatform home theatre application which is recommended due to its high customisation. Third-party Internet applications like Netflix and Pandora can be easily streamed into the system using Kodi. It runs in full-size user interface (UI) by default. The home screen and UI might appear slightly crowded due to wide range of options available in the software.

As a first step, boot your laptop in BIOS mode. Change the boot order from fast to legacy boot. OPENELEC can easily convert your laptop into a Kodi multimedia centre.

Installing KODI (Courtesy: installing Kodi, configure it based on your requirements. You will need a connected laptop, Wi-Fi and an HDMI cable (to enable sound). Also install Kore, the remote control app.


KODI Interface (Courtesy:

Your system is now ready for plug and play.

If you download Kodi on your laptop, this open media player is a fun tool to get all the local and online media in one place.

Try it. You may love it.