Travel Smart With Smart Tech Gadgets


Travelling has become relatively inclusive to today’s lifestyle. People travel in the quest for living in a moment without chaos in their mind. However, technology is a source of constant distraction while travelling, with calls, social media, messages, emails and the like.

To avoid this, they need to unplug from technology and distance themselves from the digital world. Nevertheless, benefits of travel electronics cannot be ignored completely from the convenience and safety points of view.

One should be aware which smart tools or gadgets matter over frivolous distractions in unknown destinations. There are many travel technologies that can change the whole travel experience by making the trips seamless. In fact, these gadgets play a significant role in upgrading and enhancing the experience.

When it comes to travel gadgets, most of us cannot think beyond smartphones and travel apps. Many of us are still not aware of devices that can come in handy and be beneficial in difficult circumstances. What makes these devices attractive is their small size, light weight and the ease with which these can be used anywhere. Their utility in worst conditions, especially outdoor activities, may surprise you. These are extremely useful in solving unexpected problems effectively. Therefore it is vital to feature these innovative technologies in the must-have list while making travel plans. Here are a few travel gadgets that provide smart travel solutions.

Water-filtering bottle

Such water bottles are equipped with ultra-filtration technology to filter out viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites, among others. These filter out the presence of chlorine and heavy metals, and purify water to make it safe to consume. These eliminate bad smells and make the water drinkable even from questionable sources, such as ponds, lakes and streams.


Plus, the bottles improve the taste of the water. These are ideal to carry for outdoor adventures like hiking, backpacking and in harsh environmental conditions. LifeStraw Go bottle is a good option, which comes with an advanced two-stage water filter technology that can filter out 99.9 per cent of water-borne bacteria.

Personal humidifier

This is a small electronic item that you can comfortably carry in your travel bag. The device allows use of any disposable water bottle or portable tank as its reservoir. It screws the water bottle into its tiny base that uses ultrasonic sound waves in generating water vapour.

The device features an auto-off sensor that notifies when water content is low in the reservoir. It can be powered using a USB cable or batteries, and lasts many hours.

A personal humidifier is available in two types: manual and automatic. The automatic variant is much more effective and operates effortlessly in comparison with the manual one. A humidifier is specially recommended for high-altitude destinations having lower oxygen levels. It is also helpful for those with respiratory issues, in areas where there are no proper windows or air-conditioning units.

RFID-blocking wallet or purse

One of the best ways to safeguard personal data or identity theft is using an RFID blocking wallet. RFID blocking wallet protects your information in credit cards, IDs, driving licence and passport. Some cards also come with an embedded RFID chip that transmit electromagnetic fields wirelessly, and payment can be made by placing the card near the scanner instead of swiping it. However, there is a risk attached with this chip if not protected by RFID.


Electronic pickpocketing, or e-pickpocketing, allows easily access to sensitive data on such cards, by scanning the wallet in the back pocket. Hackers can create a duplicate of the credit/debit card. RFID-blocking wallets block signals from transmitting and prevent e-pickpocketing.

Tracking device

Travel tracking devices are available in practical and compact designs. These are lightweight and can be discreetly attached to the luggage, wallet, phone, keys, handbag, etc. These devices keep a watchful eye on valuable possessions while travelling. Besides, you can ring the devices to trace the location of your belongings.

Tile is a popular Bluetooth tracking device that has a range of 45 metres. It is battery-operated, and the batteries are replaceable. The connected application is provided for tracking for both Google and Apple devices.

Pocket-size washing machine

A portable washing machine is superlight and compact to carry. It is electricity-free, and you can easily slip it into a backpack unlike a traditional washing machine. It is useful in locations where there is scarcity of water.

Scrubba wash bag is equipped with a flexible washboard and small nodules that help in scrubbing the clothes with limited water. This washing bag has a transparent window to view washing and water-filling levels. The bag weighs 142 grams, and uses two to three litres of water and two to three drops of cleaning liquid per wash, to wash several dirty items.

Mini steam iron

A travel steam iron is smaller than an iPad. It can easily be stashed in a bag or suitcase, and is convenient for a road trip. It does not take time to heat up—takes about a minute—and it can be used for about ten minutes continuously per water fill. It features a detachable and translucent water tank that shows the level of water inside. Besides, the device is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature to control overheating, or if it runs out of water. The steamer is safe to use on various types of clothes.

Automatic vacuum pump/compressor

This gadget can sort out space problem by compressing clothes and other stuff automatically. The process creates extra space so you can fit in more items inside the bag.

As per research, air occupies most space inside a bag, and a vacuum compressor can release air out so that you may carry a bag that is much smaller and lighter.

A device like Vago is a travel-friendly automatic vacuum pump, equipped with a pressure-detecting sensor that removes all air inside the suitcase. It easily condenses the clothes to half their size, thus increasing space.