Manu Jain Tries Pitching Xiaomi to Amitabh Bachchan, Gets Trolled


When Amitabh Bachchan tweeted about an issue in his Samsung S9 smartphone, Xiaomi’s Manu Jain requested him to try a flagship device from Mi

Manu Kumar Jain, Global VP Xiaomi and MD Xiaomi India, got trolled for requesting legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan to switch to a flagship device by Mi. Several Twitter users trolled Xiaomi and Jain for ads popping up in Xiaomi’s OS and calling Poco and Mi Mix smartphones as flagship devices.

Mithun who goes by Twitter handle TechCilium tweeted, “If by flagship you mean poco or mix 2 then forget it, those don’t deserve to be called as flagships.”

Another tweet by Aditya read, “LOL ! I am sure he wouldn’t like ads and bugs on his phone.”

How it all started

The trolling of Xiaomi and Jain started with a tweet that Manu Kumar Jain posted as a reply to Bachchan’s tweet complaining about an issue in Samsung S9 smartphone.

Bachchan had tweeted, “Samsung S9 not functioning, Samsung logo is on front screen, and is blinking again and again, nothing else happens, changed it, let it be, tried to close it does not close either. Help, someone please guide me as to what I should do.”

Manu Kumar Jain, who is usually very active on Twitter, probably saw this as an marketing opportunity and tweeted, “Dear Amit Ji, It’s time to switch phones. You can maybe try the most loved technology brand in India. Happy to send a flagship phone to you, if you want, Bigfan.”

However, the tweet didn’t go too well with a lot of Twitter users. Jayesh Karanjgaonkar with Twitter handle Seniorj13, tweeted,”Stop free advertise. Isn’t it enough to advertise in phone software??? Released MI Max 3 in India? Just distribute free phones to reviewers sir. Stop taking advantage of your customer base.”

In the meanwhile, the Samsung team contacted Bachchan and offered a solution to the problem. Kartik Gada (KartikGada2) tweeted, “You are late sir. The phone was already fixed by Samsung. He also won’t like to see ads on his phone. 😅 BTW Which Mi flagship comes close to S9?”