Mi Using Fake See-Through Parts in 8 Pro Explorer Smartphone: Report


Parts in the PCB under the translucent see-through panel on the back of Mi 8 Pro Explorer smartphone are mostly made of plastic. Most of the other parts are non-functional too

The Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has recently claimed that its Mi 8 Pro Explorer smartphone is not like other smartphones. The phone’s intricacies are on full display in its transparent glass back as technology and artistic beauty merge.

However,as per the information, the transparent back is a fake PC board -with no real working parts which are made of plastic.

Kyle Warren, tear-down analyst at ABI Research’s tear-down service commented that the PC board that is visible through the transparent part of the back of the Mi 8 Pro Explorer is fake. While most people now know that it is not a real PC board, many still assume the transistors and chips they can see are real,but not.The visible components are mostly plastic mock-ups (the nine larger components including the Qualcomm Snapdragon) and non-functional component imposters.

Visible components mostly plastic mock-ups

The analyst has even shared details on the numbers of components that can be seen through the translucent back panel. These include 101 capacitors, 32 resistors, 11 hall effect switches, 6 Skyworks digital capacitors, and 7 LNAs. All of these to be legitimate, but none actually working.Explaining the working of a real PCB board,he added that Xiaomi wanted to make the Mi 8 Explorer’s transparent back more visually appealing and a point of difference,and nothing pretty about a real PC board

For a phone to work effectively, the entire PC board needs to be covered by an RF shield ― an electromagnetic shielding that blocks radio frequency radiation.A full working PC board (that includes the real Qualcomm SDM845) is under an RF shield, which is underneath the faux PC board.

Mi 8 Pro Explorer smartphone not launched in India

Mi 8 Pro Explorer smartphone has not yet launched the smartphone in India. It is believed that the company may launch it in the first half of 2019 in the country.

Mi 8 Pro Explorer smartphone was launched at a price of 3,699 Yuan in China (approx Rs 39,000 India). It features a 3,000 mAh battery and is only available in 8GB RAM and 128 GB storage variant only.