Two Million 5G Handsets Will be Sold in 2019: Digital Influencer


Harris also forecast that 1.5 billion 5G smartphones will be sold in 2025. Smart watches will be the fastest growing category of wearables

Smartphones, as per Jim Harris, are eating the consumer tech world. A report published by the digital influencer claims that 59 per cent of all global consumer tech spending was on smartphones in 2018.

The report read, “Smartphones are the world’s computing device of choice. Globally we spend more time online using mobiles than computers. More searches are performed by mobile than computers. Android, not Windows, is the dominant operating system globally.”

According to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, smartphone vendors had shipped a total of 342.0 million units during the second quarter of 2018. Another report by Newzoo had forecast that the number of smartphone users will surpass 3.8 billion in 2021.

The future of 5G smartphones

Jim’s report regarding the spending patterns of smartphones further points out that the first 5G smartphone will be introduced in 2019. However, the report forecasts that only two million 5G handsets will be sold in 2019.

The report read, “The very first 5G smartphones will be introduced this year and are predicted to sell only 2 million units worldwide, but this will explode in coming years, reaching 1.5 billion 5G smartphones sold in 2025.”

Mentioning AI as an important feature in smartphones, the report claims that the smartphones of today have more computing power than that of IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer of 1997. It is to be noted here that the IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer cost $100 million.

The report read, “A $1,000 smartphone has more raw computing power that IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer of 1997 that cost $100 million. People walk around with smartphones in their hip pockets at all times. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being embedded in smartphones.”

It continued, “Artificial Intelligence in all technology, not just smartphones, is predicted to create $3.9 trillion of business value by 2022.”

Jim’s report also pointed out towards smartwatches as the fastest growing category of wearables. It said, “In 2019, 46 per cent of smartwatches will ship with their cellular connection, which means the watch doesn’t have to be paired with a smartphone. And, eHealth data promises to transform health care.”