Godrej Security Solutions Electronic Key Management System


Godrej & Boyce announced that its business Godrej Security Solutions, has announced a technologically advanced product, Electronic Key Management System (KMS). The product is integrated with an innovative application of RFID to securely manage the access to conventional mechanical keys for a team of people. The company expects to acquire 60% of market share in India across industries by 2023, thereby targeting over 200 units each year.

As offices, malls and other commercial establishments are fully functional now, the need for a centralised and robust enterprise key management system also increases. A lot of organisations aren’t completely aware of the exact number of keys, or who should have an access to which keys OR who was the last person to use the key and whether it’s returned or not. These gaps make the organisation a soft target for hackers to compromise these keys or vulnerable to miscreants who can misuse them. 

Today, it is very important for organisations to understand where all the important keys reside and also ensure adequate protection of the keys. Once you make the Godrej KMS a part of the system, it will benefit organisations in multiple ways like providing regulatory compliance, protection against threats, improve efficiency and effectiveness. Automation and scalability capabilities that come along with the Godrej KMS help in reducing the number of skilled resources required to manage keys and thus save the manpower for other security tasks. 

This unique product allows you to issue keys to it’s Authorised users, in line with the authority matrix and user-defined schedules. The RFID & LED combination makes it easy to trace or return a key even in the panels with large capacity. This unique feature sets Godrej KMS apart from it’s peers. What’s more is the additional digital chronological access log maintained for the keys’ issued and returned and thus keep a proper track and responsibility.

Commenting on the Key Management System and the market for such an electronic security solution, Mr Pushkar Gokhale, Vice President Global Head, Marketing & Sales, Godrej Security Solutions, said, “The demand for the key management products is likely to be driven by the need to secure critical infrastructure, especially in times when crimes are on the rise as a result of various factors like unemployment and others issues arising out of the economic slowdown during the pandemic. The market opportunity is significant, and we are expecting an estimated sale of over 200 Units per year, with a growth of 25% YOY. This unique offering will provide maximum throughput and comfort backed up with high security. Godrej KMS will prove to be a great asset for large commercial establishments and strategically important Buildings towards improving their Security infrastructure by managing Keys and restricting access to Critical areas”.

Godrej Security Solutions (GSS), a prominent security solutions player, has always been at the forefront of pioneering electronic security solutions for Commercial as well as Government infrastructure. The Godrej KMS is an apt fit in the GSS portfolio given it’s motto of Offering Total Peace of Mind.