Easyfone Grand- A Senior Citizen Friendly Phone


Specially designed for the old age people, the phone comprises features like charging cradle, slide button to lock/unlock and emergency button

The Easyfone Grand is a smart feature phone for senior citizens which boasts a no-frills design and features an alpha-numeric keyboard with big keys on the front. The phone has a 2.3-inch horizontal screen that makes it easy to use and operate. The big font size of the screen numbers makes it easy to read details for the senior citizens.

If we talk about the design then the phone has a plastic build which makes it lightweight and comfortable to operate with one hand.

Easyfone-grand with cradle charging system

The phone comes with a cradle charger which seems like a cordless phone stand. The cradle allow users to put the phone on charge just by placing the device on the stand. This feature requires almost no effort when a senior citizen put it on charge. The phone has keys for volume adjustment, LED torch, phone locking and unlocking where the lock/unlock key boast slider mechanism that makes them easy to use.

Hearing assist and emergency button

To combat the issue of hearing among old people the phone comes bundled with special earphones that amplify acoustics. These earphones improve the quality of the sound, making it loud enough for seniors to listen to their surroundings in a better way.

These earphones not only support the phone’s sound but also negates ambient sounds, such as people talking nearby or sound from the television. The Easyfone Grand has a dedicated SOS key on the back that triggers a siren and sends messages to emergency contacts when pressed.

It is said to be an all-inclusive feature phone for senior citizens which is priced at Rs 3,990. Features like cradle stand and special earphones, along with a big numerical keyboard and SOS key, make it a phone designed for senior citizens.