Flipkart Launches Online Platform to Sell Refurbished Products


2GUD, new e-commerce portal sells only returned or used products which are reconditioned by professionals

E-commerce platform Flipkart has launched a new platform named 2Gud for selling certified refurbished products. 2Gud will sell refurbished smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronics starting from a mobile site.

The new platform will be independent of Flipkart’s main marketplace to sell the products. The company said it will manage the process of certifying, packaging, storing and shipping of these used goods from end-to-end.

Focus to gain trust of consumers for second-hand products

The company told that the launch of 2Gud was in line with a focus to tap the next 100 to 200 million online shoppers in the country. With the launch of such kind of service in the country, the company wants to build trust with the consumers for buying used products.

2Gud will leverage F1 Info Solutions, the mobile repair and service company which Flipkart had already acquired. However, all the devices sold on the platform will be tested and fixed by the professionals before they are shipped to customers across the country.

Devices will be graded based on their condition

Customers will receive the packages just as they do any other item bought on Flipkart. For which, the company has set up a 46-point test and the product has to pass each level. Further, the company will grade devices in terms of their condition, which it says will increase transparency.

Apart from testing, the company will also offer the warranty on products ranging from three months to twelve months. Warranty will be based on the brand of the product and the occasion on which it is sold.

It is expected that 2Gud will give Flipkart a jump in the used goods market, which it expects to grow to $20 billion in the next five to six years. Where the platform will function as a customer to customer marketplace. The company focuses on target value-conscious consumers who are unable to buy latest and expensive products.

The refurbished devices sold on the platform will cost anywhere between 50 per cent to 80 per cent of the item’s MRP and the grade under which it will fall. While the current platform is mobile only, it will soon be available on desktop and mobile app.