Hanergy Joins Hands with Deuter to Develop Solar Backpacks


The duo, under the partnership, will be developing solar backpacks for global market

The world’s largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, has announced that it has signed an agreement for a strategic co-operation with Deuter, a backpack brand, to collaboratively design and develop solar backpacks for the global market.

Wang Zhongshuang, CEO, Hanergy German Company said, “Partnering with Deuter we intend to take the notch up in the solar backpack category and bring in a fresh approach to the design while retaining the energy efficiency quotient of the product. We’re extremely confident that the consumers will appreciate our upcoming solar backpack which is an amalgamation of great aesthetics and technology.”

Co-brand strategy

According to the strategic cooperation contract, Hanergy will be responsible for the development and the design of thin film flexible components, Deuter will take the onus for the design and the production of the bags globally. The duo will adopt co-brand strategy to promote their upcoming solar backpacks.

Robert Schieferle, VP, Deuter said, “We’re delighted to collaborate with Hanergy, and together embark on a new journey to introduce our co-branded solar backpacks in the global market. The partnership is intended towards leveraging the expertise of both the companies in their respective fields. We’re confident that with Hanergy’s high efficiency and reliable thin film flexible components our upcoming solar backpacks will set a new benchmark in the market.”

It is to be noted here that Hanergy’s solar cells set the world record for conversion efficiency several times, with the newest one being 29.1 per cent. It launched and upgraded handful of consumer products in 2018, including Humbrella, solar-powered umbrella; SolarTank, solar backpack; HanPower, solar power bank, retaining its leading position in mobile energy sector.