Honeywell Launches Real-Time Noise Monitoring Verishield Headset

  • With this product, Honeywell is likely to target companies where safety managers can monitor the noise level workers get exposed to 
  • The headset comes with a hear-through function as per Honeywell
Verishield smart hearing headset

Honeywell has announced the launch of Verishield smart hearing headset that will combine cloud-based software and protective headsets to monitor sound in real time. It claims this will help to analyze patterns by companies to protect workers from noise-induced hearing loss.

Graham Robinson, president of Honeywell’s Industrial Safety business, said, “Noise-induced hearing loss is a subtle, often progressive occupational risk that might take a long time to be noticed and by then, it is too late. With our Verishield smart hearing solution, we provide immediate feedback to inform workers and empower companies to proactively prevent exposure to unsafe noise levels, at every moment.”

Noise exposure data

Honeywell says the Verishield smart hearing solution consists of a protective headset that reduces background noises to safe levels within the headset which will allow workers to communicate more clearly and easily. The headsets also collect and transmit noise-related data to Honeywell safety suite.

The supervisors and workers can monitor and view noise exposure data, including noise peaks, patterns and unusual occurrences, on their smartphone or mobile computer using the Honeywell Verishield mobile application.

Personalized approach to worker safety

The headsets also come with a hear-through function that allows the user them to hear critical conversations and alarms while being protected from unwanted noise. It also has protections include visual and audible alerts that notify workers when they are nearing and surpassing their daily dose limits as per Honeywell. The company says the data generated can help safety managers improve their companies’ hearing conservation programs by developing a personalized approach to worker safety.

Robinson further adds, “The VeriShield smart hearing solution can motivate workers to take part in preserving their hearing because they can ‘see’ the hidden hazard. In addition, safety managers will be armed with information that gives them a clear understanding of the challenges they face before designing a hearing conservation program and issuing hearing protection.”