Apple Introduces New Beddit Sleep Tracker


Apple’s sleep tracker can set daily bedtime goals and help achieve these with tip notifications like morning results, bedtime reminders and weekly reports

Beddit Sleep Monitor System

Apple has released the new Beddit Sleep Monitor system 3.5 version, with an update to its previous 3.0 version to track sleep patterns of the user. The updated tracker has a refreshed design with some additional features such as monitoring temperature, humidity, breathing, snoring besides the general monitoring of the user’s sleep quality.

The Beddit Sleep Monitor System is a thin sensor strip that can be placed under the bedsheet. It is the first sleep tracker since it acquired the Finnish company in 2017.

“With automatic and accurate tracking, you get a full picture of your night by measuring sleep time, heart rate, breathing, snoring, and bedroom temperature and humidity. And when you set daily bedtime and sleep time goals, Beddit motivates you to achieve them with tip notifications like morning results, bedtime reminders, and weekly reports,” says Apple in its website.

Gadget reviewers say that Apple’s new tracker has an advantage over the other sleep monitoring fitness trackers. The user does not have to wear an activity tracker to bed or remember to use it.

Smart tracker

The Cupertino-based brand has equipped the new release with a Health app on iOS 12 or later. A user can connect it to his/her Apple Watch. It can display sleep report notifications, bedtime reminders, and nudges when synced. Sleep analysis and heart rate data are also made accessible through the Health app.

It is available for purchase for $150 on Apple’s website and stores.