Ubon Launches Boombox Shaped Wireless Speaker in India


The company had last launched a soundbar in May 2019 in the country. Ubon claims that it latest wireless speaker does not over heat

Ubon, one of India’s mobile accessories brand, has released its wireless speaker called the SP-50 Hulk. The company claims that this wireless speaker offers four-hour battery backup and multiple connectivity options. Ubon is retailing this wireless speaker at a price of Rs 3,999 in the country.

Mandeep Arora, co-founder, Ubon, at the product launch said, “With our lives being on the go, portability of devices is a priority. Keeping this in mind, the SP-50 Hulk was designed to be wireless and compatible with multiple input devices, without having to compromise on the sound quality. The deep bass of Ubon’s wireless speaker really enhances your music experience and for parties, travels or even impromptu gatherings, the Hulk should be your go-to, for all your music needs.”

Features intelligent chip control

With its compact retro boom-box design, Ubon claims it to be a stellar product that looks as good as it sounds. The company said that the speaker does not overheat at all. Ubon’s official statement read, “Coupling it with “intelligent chip control” makes sure; the system does not overheat, the SP-50 Hulk makes sure that the only hot-stuff at your party is the powerful sound it packs.”

It continued, “The SP-50 Hulk wireless speaker comes with a powerful 1500 mAh battery that gives you a playtime of up to 4 hrs. This full range speaker, is the perfect accompaniment to your parties or travel sojourns and can be easily connected to a laptop, tablet, phone etc. You name it and the SP-50 has got all your music needs taken care of!”