Havells Launches New Range of Water Purifiers


With the new water purifiers, Havells is planning to gain a 10 per cent market share in this segment and double its production capacity annually

Havells new water purifiers
(Image Courtesy – Havells)

Havells has launched a new range of water purifiers that maintain the pH balance of water and add essential minerals and trace elements to the purified water. These products have debuted in six variants – Digitouch, Digiplus, UTS, Max, Pro and UV Plus.

Havells plan

Havells wants to gain a minimum 10 per cent share in the water purifiers segment in the next 3-4 years. It targets to grow and double its production capacity in the coming years to about one million unit annually.

Clean-up pollutants

The new water purifiers can purify industrial and agricultural pollutants found in drinking water. Havells claims that besides maintaining the pH balance, the new range can address the contaminants found in water such as bacteria and other organisms causing gastroenteritis, typhoid and acute diarrheal diseases.

The products have been customised mainly for rural areas where agricultural pollutants and industrial waste can be present in potable water.

Havells new products

India’s electronic goods brand, Havells had recently introduced a range of smart fans to gain a 17 per cent market share. The new intelligent fans also flaunted the feature of retrofit that enables the conversion of the existing fans into an Internet of things (IoT) device.

The consumer electronics maker has been planning to increase its overall market of fans and water purifiers. With the introduction of the new ranges in the two different segments, Havells will expand its business in the coming years. The company’s portfolio features brands like Havells, Lloyd, Crabtree and Standard and its product range includes modular switches, circuit protection switchgear, cables and wires, fans, motors, power capacitors, luminaires and small domestic appliances.