Max Ventilators Launches New Intelligent Ventilators


Max Ventilators announces the launch of its new intelligent ventilators for fighting COVID-19. 

As the country battles COVID-19, it has boosted the demand for life-saving ventilators. There has been an increase in demand for ventilators, oxygen plants, oxygen concentrators, and it can be seen from across the country especially states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Odisha etc. This arises the need for affordable and portable oxygen supplies for patients.

Max ventilator, a ventilator manufacturing firm has been working on two such new ventilators to provide far more advanced and sophisticated devices. The company recently launched  a High Flow oxygen Therapy (HFOT) device, which according to the firm, is reliable and far more economical than traditional ventilators.

The firm is set to launch another turbine ventilator called WeanX in mid of this August. According to the firm, this upcoming ventilator also offers HFNC (O2 Therapy) mode too. Moreover, it can work with low pressure and less oxygen and would also ensure delivery of high FiO2, better gas exchange, efficient mucociliary clearance and ultimately reduced work of breathing for the patient.

“With the authorities entrusting us with the responsibility to accelerate and scale up manufacturing of ventilator units, we have responded in equal measure. In fact, right from start, our intent has been to serve smaller towns as well apart from the big towns. And so realizing that there is general lack of availability of a centralized gas infrastructure in our country not only in smaller towns but even bigger towns, we decided to focus on the development of a turbine-driven ventilator wherein the room air itself can be harnessed to create a pressurized flow of the air. This also means better trigger function and shorter or near-negligible inspirational delay for the patient. Moreover, the devices would come in both invasive and non-invasive modes implying that it can be deployed for the widest severity range in terms of patient condition, from most severe, critical and acute to less severe and milder cases, explained Mr. Ashok Patel, the founder and the brain behind Max ventilator.”