Acetech Launches Digital Locks For Use in Furniture

  • The company has announced this launch under Aurus brand name
  • One of these locks can read and store fifteen different finger prints
Aurus Digital Locks

Mumbai based Acetech has launched two new models of digital locks in India. Dubbed PN-14H and FP-101, the company has priced these at Rs 3400 and Rs 8700, respectively.

“Our survey shows that 84% of the people are careless with the security of their daily valuables because they find it inconvenient to lock up their drawers and cabinet which they need to use frequently. Moreover, the key used to lock up these valuable is kept in obvious places like under the mattress, in the makeup box, behind a book etc. Acetech has understood this problem and has introduced a compact fingerprint lock designed for use in cabinets and drawers,” read Acetech’s official statement.

Fifteen finger prints

Acetech informed that Aurus FP 101 can save up to 15 fingerprints. It draws power from four AA sized batteries. The company noted that these batteries can last up to 10 months depending on usage.

“When the battery runs low the lock gives you sufficient notice by warning beeps to replace the batteries. Even if the battery fails completely you have the option of applying external power to open the lock,” read Acetech’s official statement.

The PN-14 lock can be used to manage single or multiple drawers. This lock comes supports three modes which are normal, public and fake PIN mode. This lock features a built-in 3v battery. Acetech informed that thus battery can last up to ten months.

“Along with an auto-alarm feature on entering wrong password, the lock also features an in-built battery. Your password can be four to fifteen digits long. This drawer lock is battery operated, which implies it doesn’t require any special wiring and can be installed like a regular lock,” read Acetech’s official statement.