Uttar Pradesh a Lucrative Market For Water Purifiers: Havells

  • The company has recently launched five variants of water purifiers in UP
  • Havells said that Digiplus and Max Alkaline water purifiers pass the water through seven stages of purification

Havells has launched five variants of water purifiers in Uttar Pradesh(UP). Priced between Rs 8,999 to Rs 23,499 range, these include Digiplus Alkaline, Max Alkaline, Active Plus, Active Plus Booster and Active. The company said that its latest range of water purifiers will further strengthen its presence in the state in water purifier segment.

Shashank Shrivastav, VP, Havells India Ltd. said, “With the changing consumer lifestyle and growing awareness related to health, Water Purification market in India has witnessed considerable evolution, creating significant demand in the recent years. Committed to cater to this dynamic demand, we are delighted to further expand our water purifiers line-up and introduce a new range of RO and UV water purifiers which are a blend of innovation and advanced technology.”

Havells sees UP as a lucrative market

Havells had first introduced its water purifiers in UP last year. Shrivastav said that UP is one of the most lucrative markets for water purifiers segment in India.

He added, “We launched our first range of water purifiers in UP last year and have gracefully been accepted in this crucial region. This has encouraged us to introduce four new variants in water purifiers segment. UP in particular has always been one of the most lucrative markets for water purifiers and we see a huge potential for our new range of products here. We are confident that our best-in-class, technologically advanced water purifiers will generate significant interest and demand across the state.”

Five variants

All the products, as per Havells, are effortless in use, with uncomplicated and consumer-convenient designs and come in a price range between Rs 8,999 to Rs 23,499. Havells official statement read, “In the usual reverse osmosis (RO) process, most minerals are lost while removing impurities and total dissolved solids (TDS). In many instances, this leads to drop in pH of water. This low pH turns water acidic, thereby harming the human body; Bitter taste is first indication. Havells new alkaline water purifiers (Digiplus & Max) improve the pH level of water by adding essential alkaline minerals, lower the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) resulting into antioxidant nature of water and transform regular water into alkaline water, making it healthier and tastier.”

It continued, “Both Digiplus and Max Alkaline water purifiers pass the water through 7 stages of purification, including: membrane performance enhancer, sediment cartridge, activated carbon cartridge, reserve osmosis membrane, germicidal UV plus, alkaline taste enhancer and finally, revitalizer cartridge. These processes ensure maximum performance and life, bringing the water pH level to an exceptional level of 8 up to 10. The revitalizer restructures the water molecules, making them biologically active to improve hydration, alkalinity and mineral absorption.”

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