Racold’s Focusing on Energy Conservation in its Water Heater Range: Mohit Narula

  • The company has urged consumers to switch to consumer electronics that are energy efficient
  • Racold has recently launched a new range of smart water heaters in India
Racold Omnis Water Heater

Ariston Thermo India Pvt. Ltd, the parent company of Racold consumer electronics products, has requested consumers to switch to energy-efficient products. The brand, citing a report by Centre for Policy Research, noted that electricity consumption in Indian homes, to have tripled since 2000.

“In line with our endeavor to deliver energy-efficient solutions, we have launched the new range of Omnis water heaters which comes with smart features like Smart Bath Logic – an intelligent function which helps to customize your bath and saves up to 30 per cent of electricity,” informed Mohit Narula, Managing Director, Ariston Thermo India Pvt. Ltd.

The company is currently retailing Racold Omnis Wi-Fi 15L storage water heater for a price of Rs 18,459. Racold is counted among the top players in water heating segment.

Energy conservation day and smart water heaters

Racold informed that daily use appliances such as fans, TVs, refrigerators, air-conditioners, and water heaters contribute about 50-60 per cent of the total residential electricity consumption in India. Smart home devices, according to Racold, don’t just make life easier. If used properly, they can help to save energy, money and our planet.

Omnis, company’s new water heaters range, features Wifi connectivity and smart functions. These water heaters can also be controlled using Racold’s app.

Mohit Narula added, “Eco Function is another innovative energy-saving feature in our product. The Wi-Fi-enabled Omnis can be controlled through an App that helps you monitor your electricity consumption. Our range of renewable water heaters including solar water heaters and heat pumps for domestic and commercial applications harness the power of the sun and air to heat water.”