Haier Introduces Single Cabinet Wine Cellar in India

  • Haier is retailing this wine cellar for a price of Rs 28,990
  • The company said that this wine cellar can store up to 25 bottles

Haier has introduced its new classic wine cellar- JC-87A in India. The company said that its wine cellar is equipped with state of the art design, to store wine in an ideal environment for perfect preservation and ageing of wines in elegant, well-designed cabinets.

Eric Braganza, president, Haier India said, “We want to create a unique experience for our consumers with our newly crafted wine cellars that are appropriate to store both red and white wine. We are delighted to further strengthen our product line up with this new product, thus living up to the brand promise of ‘Inspired Living’.”

Not a new product in the market

Interestingly, the likes of Croma and Koryo are already offering wine cellars in India. While Croma, a consumer electronics chain that operates under the umbrella of Tata has one listed for Rs 22,990 on its e-commerce portal, Amazon India has several on Amazon India website. Some of these include models by Kaff and Culinair. Comparatively, Haier is retailing its latest wine cellar for a price of Rs 28,990.

It is also to be noted here that the market of wines in India is still in its developing stage. Braganza added, “With wine drinking gaining popularity in India, high-end wine cellars are carving a strong niche for themselves in the domestic market.”

UV-protected glass door

The newly introduced wine cellar has a capacity to store up to 25 bottles giving varied options to store the whites and reds each at a time with different temperature control modes. This new model is equipped with two different buttons dedicated to set appropriate temperature levels for preserving the red and white wine separately.

The anti- UV-protected glass door in it prevents UV rays from coming into contact with the wine. Haier’s official statement read, “With the in-built anti-vibration system in the wine cellar’s compressor, the noise and micro-vibrations are neutralized which otherwise prove harmful to your precious wine. Unique features like activated carbon filter, automatic doorstop and full length recess handle make the new wine cellar a perfect partner for wine lovers.”

It continued, “The practical and intelligently designed interior LED lighting system consumes less energy than conventional systems and does not emit any heat. The internal LED display is also equipped to set the temperature, regulating the temperature between 6 to 18 degrees, which is conducive to preserving the wine quality. This helps to maintain a perfect ambient temperature in your wine cellar. The new wine cellar has Class A energy rating which means higher savings on electricity bills.”