Vu 100 – Television with 100 inches Screen Launches in India


Forget remotes! Vu 100 is all set to deliver the control of your surroundings by just a voice command 

Television with 100 inches panel is launched in India named Vu 100. Vu’s panel technology gives you 2.5 billion colours with depth and sharpness, a 2000 watt sound to ensure that you hear every voice with clarity. Apart from quality, the television comes packed in a stylish full metal designer exterior.

Ms Devita Saraf, CEO told that they are the biggest consumers of films and serials in the world. She mentioned that providers like Amazon and Netflix have given them access to top quality entertainment to rival anything produced by mainstream Hollywood or Bollywood. So it’s only fitting that would make you able to enjoy this calibre content on screens. While interacting, she also told that with Vu 100 television with 4K HDR, will give you a better viewing experience than the cloth screen, in the comfort of your own home.

In the era of Big Entertainment, consumers expect more than just sound and visuals from their home theatres, they expect an experience. But they do not want to have to fill it up with wires, speakers and various pieces of equipment just to get that experience.

No more searching for a remote

Interestingly, with Vu 100 everything from mobiles and laptops to even lighting and air conditioning can be controlled by just a voice command. Now, no more searching under the cushions for the remote or having to key in commands letter by letter.

Well, the cost of the television is estimated to be around 20 lakhs. There are those who demand the best and are willing and able to pay for it. The market is there for discerning consumers looking for the best for their homes, not to mention hotels, clubs, airport lounges and offices.

Devita Saraf told that in August they sold a millionth television, making them the largest 4K television brand in India, ahead of Sony. They have grown from a 95 crore company 3 years back, to a 750 crore company last year and will be at a revenue of Rs. 1,200 crore this year. She also claimed that Vu is the future of the television industry, in India and globally.