Looking to partner telcos in India for smart appliances: LG


South Korean consumer electronics major LG is scouting for partnership with telecom operators in India to offer its smart appliances connected with Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

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The company is taking small steps to introduce its appliances equipped with features such as LG HomeChat and SmartThinQ that enable consumers to control and operate home appliances through smartphones. These appliances are connected through the internet.

By partnering with a telecom operator, it is looking to address the requirement for a network provider to connect with the different appliances in a household.

LG Electronics India Managing Director Ki Wan Kim notified that already the company is prepared for smart home, IoT related products but this is not just a standalone device. While he did not disclose the name of the telecom firm, Kim said ultimately a partnership will be decided on how it would help end consumers.

In advanced markets like South Korea and the US, Kim said it is the telecom operators which had taken the lead in offering IoT service so that consumers can subscribe plans according to their needs.

LG HomeChat allows customers to receive notifications and reminders on smartphones about steps and status of progress on activities such as washing or cooking and accordingly control it.

Likewise, the companys SmartThinQ allows consumers control connected appliances at home from anywhere to control various activities, including starting wash cycles, checking refrigerator inventory and even resolving problems.

By Baishakhi Dutta