Samsungs Servicing Consumer Electronics Via Affected Product Images

  • The company is operating this new service method in 12 countries including India
  • Samsung Visual Support service is a part of its Global Contact Center offering

Samsung said that its Visual Support program is currently operating in 12 countries including Korea, the USA, the UK, India, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand. The company is also planning to launch the service globally by the end of the year, as well as to grow the supported product lineup to include medical device products and others in the near future.

Company’s official statement read, “With the introduction of the Visual Support service, consultants can now directly assess a product’s environment as well as its appearance, something that previously could not be verified in generalized phone counseling. As a result, the accuracy of diagnoses on home appliance products – which often experience non-defect-related issues – has significantly improved.”

Samsung can also remotely turn on the customer’s phone flashlight

Visual Support, as per Samsung, allows customers and consultants to simultaneously speak via telephone and stream images, but if the product’s lighting environment is not good, the consultant can also remotely turn on the customer’s phone flashlight in order to better assess the situation. The images captured by Visual Support during a consultation can also come in useful further down the product repair process.

One consultant upon consulting for a TV product with abnormal color issues, noted “The customer’s inquiry was much easier to understand when looking at the screen together compared to just having the issue explained over the phone. For counseling purposes, it makes much more sense to actually see a sound bar or monitor terminal.”

Similarly, Samsung’s repair engineers have found themselves conducting home visits only when actually necessary and can enter repair situations with a much more detailed understanding of a product and any issues.

Service as per visuals of the affected product

The Samsung Global Contact Center’s Visual Support service is a customer support wherein a consultant is able to provide advice based on actual visuals of the affected product provided by the user. Once it has been requested by the customer or consultant, the consultant will then send a URL link via SMS message to the customer which launches straight into the Visual Support permissions process – there is no need for customers to download a separate application.

Samsung’s official statement read, “Once the customer has granted Visual Support secure permission, the consultant on the other end of the line is then able to analyze a product as seen directly through the customer’s camera. This enables the consultant to more accurately assess the situation, request more information from the customer and guide them forward with specific measures.”