TTK Prestige Joins Hands with Satin Creditcare


The duo will be providing easy payment options for TTK Presitige induction tops to over 70,000 people across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

TTK Prestige Induction Cooktop

TTK Prestige and Satain Creditcare, under a freshly formed alliance, will be retailing induction cook-tops at easy payment options for people residing in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is to be noted here that TTK Prestige’s induction cook-tops are being retailed at prices above Rs 2000 on various online portals in the country.

K. G. George, SVP (Retail and Alternate Channels) said, “At TTK Prestige, we believe that it is every person’s right to have access to healthy cooking tools. We are immensely pleased to partake in this initiative with SCNL to empower rural households with the right cooking solutions.”

TTK’s official statement read, “TTK Prestige will provide pressure cookers, induction cooktops and mixer grinders to over 70,000 people across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.”

Win-win situation for everyone

The collaboration, in simple words, seems to creating win-win situations for the companies involved and the rural population they are dealing with. Both TTK Prestige and Satain Creditcare get there share of the money involved, while people in rural area get access to cooking tools based on the latest technology.

Dev Verma, COO, Satin Creditcare Network Limited said, “Making TTK Prestige products easily accessible to a large number of disadvantaged rural households can bring about a significant improvement in the way they cook and consume food.”

He added, “At Satin Creditcare, we strive to improve the quality of life of our clients and their families by social engagement. In past, we have disbursed loans products related to water and sanitation, clean energy, solar panels and bicycles. Our endeavour has always been to foster spirit of entrepreneurship by providing timely credit to more than 3.5 million women across India.”

TTK Presitige also pointed out that they are preparing to make this initiative available PAN India. K.G. George said, “Our objective is to take this initiative across India and ensure that ultimately every Indian kitchen has a TTK Prestige cooking appliance.”