First Oneplus TV From BBK Will be a 55-inch One

  • The company has confirmed launching its first smart TV soon
  • Oneplus had officially unveiled its first TV logo on 21 August 2019

BBK is gearing up to enter the smart TV market in China and India. Rumored to be launched before Diwali, the company has now conformed that it indeed will be launching a 55-inch QLED TV soon. It is to be noted here that Samsung is one of the few QLED display panel manufacturers in the world.

One of Oneplus’ recent tweets read, “The next big thing is round the corner. Can you guess what specs the OnePlus TV features?” Oneplus, similar to its smartphones, will be retailing its smart TVs through Amazon’s e-commerce portal in the country.

Smart TV market in India

While the smart TV market in India is flooded with a lot of brands, the premium smart TV market only has a few players operating in it. It is to be noted here that QLED TVs, along with OLED TVs, are counted among the premium TV offerings in the country. The size – 55 inches and above, are also considered under the premium TVs tag.

Some of the premium TV brands in India include LG, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. It is also to be noted here that TCL has also recently started QLED TVs in the country.

India smart TV market, as per a report by Research and Markets, registered robust growth in 2017 attributed to a sharp drop in the prices of smart TVs as well as rising penetration of smart TV vendors. Substantial investment flows by video streaming media companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar led to an increase in the number of Pay-Tv subscribers. Furthermore, rise in disposable income levels and growing internet penetration in the country also contributed to an increase in sales of smart TVs.

According to this research, India Smart TV Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.2 per cent till 2018-24. The report read, “Households in India are at a cusp of transition and a shift in preference has been witnessed from conventional TV sets to smart TV sets. Changing lifestyle of middle income population is attributed to rise in income level, increasing awareness, adoption of new technology and increasing internet penetration. Additionally, government initiatives primarily in tier-II and tier-III cities are some of the key factors which are likely to bolster the growth of Indian smart TV market during the forecast period.”