Samsung Introduces World’s First 8K TV with Wi-Fi Six Capabilities

  • Samsung has collaborated with Mediatek for this 8K TV launch
  • The TV is equipped with MediaTek’s custom Wi-Fi six chipset
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MediaTek and Samsung Electronics have introduced the world’s first 8K QLED TV. Dubbed Samsung 8K QLED Y20 model (Q950, Q900), it is equipped with MediaTek’s custom Wi-Fi six chipset. The Wi Fi six certificate, as Samsung informed, was granted by Wi-Fi Alliance.

“Samsung is a long-standing strategic partner of MediaTek, and its consistent drive to innovate has allowed MediaTek to continue to bring industry-leading IC solutions, like our Wi-Fi six family to market,” said Jerry Yu, MediaTek corporate senior vice president and general manager of the Intelligent Devices Business Group.

The 8K technology market, as per a report by Markets and Markets, is projected to grow from $2.9 billion in 2019 to $ 26.8 billion by 2024—growing at a CAGR of 55.5 per cent. Demand for 8K technology is rising due to the increased demand for larger-sized TVs with higher resolution; availability of various products for the creation and delivery of 8K content; and advancements in display technology, financial assistance by governments, and expansion of production capabilities for 8K UHD display panels

Only 8K TV worldwide supporting Wi-Fi six connectivity

The flagship TV, as the company informed, is the only 8K TV worldwide supporting Wi-Fi six connectivity. The Wi-Fi six is the newest wireless standard with higher transmission throughput while saving on power, translating to smoother 8K streaming capabilities.

“It will offer consumers a more seamless entertainment experience with smoother streaming and gaming, as well as unconstrained internet access. MediaTek and Samsung are driving the TV industry forward with leading Wi-Fi 6 innovation for connectivity and premium 8K imaging and viewing experiences,” read the official statement issued by Mediatek.

“Samsung is driving growth of the premium smart TV segment and collaborating with them on Wi-Fi 6 and 8K is just the start of a strong global demand for advanced connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 solutions,” added Jerry Yu.

A media website by the name of MK quoted an Samsung official as saying, “The company won the certificate in a preemptive measure to stay competitive in the future premium TV market. As an industry leader, we’ll keep up efforts to apply the latest technology to our product lineup to give more benefits to consumers.”