Coronavirus: LG Launches Health & Hygiene Drive Across Brand Shops

  • Samsung and Apple have already temporarily shut down some shops in the US and Canada

LG Electronics has put together guidelines for its brand shops across India to help maintain health and hygiene standards taking in view of current pandemic COVID19. The guidelines include mandatory use of masks and hand sanitizers by the staff as well as product and store cleaning every hour.

“As a brand, LG has always been known for encouraging a lifestyle emphasizing health and hygiene for all its customers which is imperative in the current scenario. India is still at an initial stage in fighting the Coronavirus which has become a global pandemic. Our measures have been specially designed keeping in mind the well-being of our customers across India,” said Vijay Babu, VP, home appliances, LG Electronics India.

Samsung and Apple have already temporarily shut down some shops in the US and Canada. However, no such developments have been reported in India yet.

“There are hand sanitizers kept in the store for customers as well, in addition to the staff being advised to exercise social-distancing like avoiding handshakes, with the customers present. Through these efforts, LG hopes to keep people safe & healthy,” read LG’s official statement.

It continued, “With the rise in the confirmed cases for Covid-19 in India, the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Indian Government is emphasizing various social-distancing and hygiene standards among the current population in order to combat the pandemic. LG’s efforts to combat the virus by keeping its stores clean and implementing social-distancing training for its staff ensures that it adheres to the Government’s advice while also continuing to provide excellent service to its customers.”