Lawsuit Claims Apple Forced Users for Buying New Chargers


The lawsuit against Apple has been filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California

Thousands of iPhone owners located in the United States and other countries started to experience issues with their older iPhones around November 2016, claims a lawsuit filed against the Cupertino based giant in its home country. Monica Emerson, the main plaintiff, claims that old iPhone devices stopped accepting existing chargers after Apple’s iOS updates sometime in 2016.

A report publihsed by the Apple Insider read, “A new attempted class action lawsuit claims Apple is forcing owners of iOS devices to repeatedly buy new chargers by updating the iPhone models with new requirements, after a user found her old charger suddenly stopped functioning properly with her iPhone.”

The lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

iOS update in October 2017

The plaintiff claims that after iOS update in 2017, her iPhone started displaying a message which read, “this accessory may not be supported.” This filed lawsuit has explained the phrase as time for iPhone users to buy new chargers.

Apple Insider report read “looking at a glance it seems like the case of Apple issuing an update that effectively blocks older devices from working would be a lot more prominent and well-known, affecting millions rather than the “thousands” mentioned in the suit. If Apple did perform such activity, there would have been an earlier lawsuit and mountains of evidence from many users affected in the same way, but searches for such events proved unfruitful.”

Many iPhone users had complained about their devices not being charged after the iOS 12.0 update in September 2018. Apple had taken the issue at hand and revised updates through iOS 12.1 platform, after which the problem had solved.