Samsung Gifted Saplings on International E-waste Day

  • ASSOCHAM and NEC report 2018 points towards India as one in among top five e-waste producing countries
  • October 14 is celebrated as international e-waste day on Earth

Samsung said that it collected over 100 Kgs of e-waste on this international e-waste day. This waste was collected by the technology and consumer electronics giant at its headoffice in India.

“As users of technology, we cannot be careless about the disposal of the waste. The gift of saplings make it all the more special,” said Shraddha Upadhyay from the Communications team.

India is among the top five countries in e-waste generation

ASSOCHAM and NEC report 2018 points towards India as one in among top five e-waste producing countries. This includes discarded mobile phones, batteries, laptops, chargers, routers, cables, among other items.

Samsung’s official statement read, “Improper handling of this waste is harmful to the environment and also to the people handling the waste. It is important that this electronic waste is disposed in a responsible manner and this responsibility lies with us.”

It continued, “October 14 is the International E-waste Day and Samsung India employees came forward to celebrate this special day. Electronic waste collection bins were set-up in the Samsung Head Office. Employees queued up in huge numbers with electronic waste of different kinds. In return for all the waste they gave away, all employees were gifted saplings and plant seeds. The activity saw great participation and met with immense enthusiasm.”

The company also organised e-waste collection drives across the country in different Samsung offices. All the e-waste collected, as per Samsung, will be treated in a responsible way through government authorized recycling companies.


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