Samsung SDI Announces New Battery Brand PRiMX


Samsung SDI has announced its new battery brand “PRiMX,” which stands for “prime battery for maximum experience,” to better reflect the company’s corporate identity, which is focused on super-gap technology.

The rebranding reflects the company’s new CEO Choi Yoon-attitude, ho’s which he took over earlier this month. During his inaugural speech, Choi said, “Let’s together embark on a journey of true No. Based on super-gap technology and best quality.”

“Samsung SDI has completed the registration of PRiMX in South Korea and Europe, and registration in the US is also scheduled. Samsung SDI will apply PRiMX to all batteries it produces,” a company official said.

It hasn’t been decided whether the new brand would be produced through a joint venture between Samsung SDI and Stellantis in the United States.

PRiMX is based on three keywords, according to Samsung SDI: absolute quality, outstanding performance, and proven advantage.

Samsung SDI uses a flaw detection method with a deep learning-based artificial intelligence test to achieve absolute quality, reviewing over 500 procedures throughout the manufacturing process.

According to Samsung, the SDI uses the newest materials technology, including a high-nickel cathode and silicon anode, to achieve a good performance.

The term “proven advantage” refers to the company’s two fundamental technologies, which enable super-fast charging and a long battery life. Samsung SDI has discovered a new technology for reducing lithium ion resistance and travel distance inside batteries.