Tracking Devices – Never Lose Sight of your luggage


Keeping an eye on your luggage while travelling can be challenging. Be it on a flight or in a train, your bags remain vulnerable to theft or misplacement. To protect your luggage from any such incidents, an optimal solution can be to use luggage trackers. In this article we explore some such handy tracking gadgets and explain how these can assist you while you travel.

The intelligent one
Trackdot tracker is infused with intelligence. It utilises mobile connectivity to consistently update the whereabouts of the luggage it is in. Its compact size allows you to place it inside your bags or suitcases easily. The USP of Trackdot is that, if you are travelling by flight, it does not need to be turned on or off manually to maintain flight norms.

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A built-in artificial intelligence (AI) suite turns the gadget to flight mode when it senses that the aircraft is accelerating for take off. As soon as the aircraft slows down while landing, the same AI suite turns it back on, syncs itself with the local network and immediately notifies you via SMS about its new location. This way you can be sure that your luggage has arrived at the desired destination. In the unfortunate incidence of the luggage being misplaced, you can instantly inform the concerned authorities and start the recovery process with proper leads without delay. It is available for US$ 40 (approx. INR 2600) on

Trendy and budget-friendly
Tile tracker is compact and can create a style statement of its own! It is super slim, Bluetooth-driven and can be configured with the help of its proprietary mobile application. It has a loud alarm system that can help you find any misplaced item.

If the tagged bag or item you are looking for is within a 30-metre (100ft) range, a simple click on the mobile application will set off Tile’s alarm, directing you to its location. With the help of the application, you can check the last detected location of your item and get clues for your search.

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Reversely, if you have the tracker with you but cannot remember where you kept your phone, you can press a button to make your phone ring. Tile comes in different form factors for various scales of applications. It is available on the company’s website for US$ 20 (approx. INR 1300).

The spy
Spytech Inc. is a US-based surveillance and tracking solution company that has developed an effective real-time tracking gadget called STI GL300 real-time GPS tracker. It provides radio frequency (RF)-based navigation information of tagged items or assets. Tracking can be done for any scale of item—be it a small bag, travel luggage or your car!

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You can reap great benefits of tracking shipments, too. Location is provided accurately via Google Maps. Additionally, the mobile application that provides the tracking details can also generate reports, create alerts at the start of a movement and store collected data for one year. The battery runs up to two weeks on a single charge. The device is priced at US$ 49.95 (approx. INR 3250).

Theft-proof tracker
For added security from theft, Smart-Unit tracker is a good choice. The control lies in your hands with the help of a mobile application. Using Bluetooth, the application provides real-time location details of the tagged item (small bag, purse, luggage or any such item).

On a flight, the application can be used to put the device in sleep or flight mode. On landing, you can use the application to turn the device on and instantly get notified about the location of your luggage. Bluetooth also notifies you when your luggage is nearby while waiting at the collection belt.

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The USP of this tracker is its anti-theft alert notification feature that becomes active in case your luggage is opened during transit. Within Bluetooth range, the alert system once again activates in case someone else takes your luggage. All these features make you instantly aware whenever there is a possibility of any mishap.

Smart-Unit is, thus, a great travel companion. It is available for US$ 90 (approx. INR 5800) on

The global companion

Lugloc tracker (Credit:

LugLoc is another great companion, especially for international travels. Lugloc mobile application helps you point out the GPS location of the luggage that contains the tracker. Its worldwide mobile tower tracking technology can connect to networks across regions in the world and send instant location alerts for the luggage. Using Bluetooth, LugLoc can notify you as soon as your luggage is nearby the luggage-collection belt. It is available for US$ 70 (approx. INR 4500).

With any of these gadgets, you can now travel with ease and make sure not to forget any bag behind at the station or airport. There are similar gadgets available from other vendors in the market. Which one would you choose as your travel companion?