Modular phone covers to make your smartphone awesome


Phone covers are just for keeping smartphones safe from any external damage—right?
Well, let’s change that notion! We came across some innovative and attractive smartphone covers that can do much more. For instance, how about adding an extra battery pack to your mobile? Or, adding another 64GB to your phone’s storage along with its original  expandable SD card? Most of these cover designs have been launched just recently but gained quick popularity. Here are a few of the modular phone cases that can add a punch to your smartphone.

Nexpaq—it’s like Lego!

EDIT: Nexpaq Inc is now known as Moduware and the phone case is now called ‘Modcase’ .

If you thought clicking your lock button and turning the screen on are the only things your phone cover could do, think again. Nexpaq Inc. has designed and created a modular smartphone case that can be modified with different customisable blocks to enable various functionalities.

Nexpaq has come up with 12 different modules that can transform your smartphone into a superphone. You can add a battery pack and double your phone’s capacity. Stretch your phone’s expandable memory by adding an SD card slot module or an additional 64GB hard drive. Want your phone to become a mini speaker? Add the amplified speaker block. Set up extra USB ports for better connectivity.


The Nexpaq case (Image source:

There are even more options—you can add an extra LED light, turn your phone into a temperature and humidity monitor, or even use it as a breath analyser!

Using the modules is easy. Just plug a module into an empty slot, like a USB port, and enjoy.

The phone case is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. As of now, it only supports iPhone 5, 6 and 6s, and Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and S6. However, support for more devices is under works. The startup behind this marvel assures to bring the compatibility quickly enough to the market.

MODR—the all-rounder
A pretty solid and versatile phone case, MODR has captured quick attention with its features. This smart cover can take charge of your phone in different ways.
One of the most interesting applications of MODR is wireless charging. Add a separate 1000mAh battery with the cover and charge both your phone’s battery and the added battery wirelessly with the charging base provided by MODR. Do you see your friend’s phone running out of power? Then use PowerShare adaptor to pass on some of your charge to his phone.

MODR cover

There are a number of additional customisations you can purchase, called reMods. Add a number of microUSB ports to your phone with microUSB reMod. PowerShare adaptor can be connected through this microUSB port.

One of the modules with an infrared emitter can let you control your television, air-conditioner or other appliances from your smartphone.

Detachable modules of MODR (Image source:

Love to play Modern Combat or Injustice on your phone but not a fan of the touchscreen? Then use a reMod to customise your phone into a proper joystick! The magnetic lens module has also received positive feedback for better angles, zoom and quality of image.
You can also purchase another group of customisable blocks, called xMods, using which you can do even more innovative modifications—turn your phone into a projector, a TV tuner, a near-field connectivity (NFC) device or even a Bluetooth speaker.

MODR is compatible with both Android and iOS, and is available for iPhone 6 and 6+, as well as Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge and Note 4. A Stretch Goal set lets it support more models like Moto G, Moto X, HTC One series, LG G3, G4, Droid Turbo and Note 4 Edge.

i-Blades—how smart a case can get
i-Blades is a pretty cool smartphone cover. It has a microUSB connector that plugs into your phone when you slide the phone into the cover. Your existing charger can charge both the cover and your phone through its port.

Plugging in the i-BLADES

i-Blades SmartApp mobile application lets the cover control the smartphone. Some basic applications include temperature and air-quality monitoring, quick keys and fast charging (on supported devices).

Smart Blade that connects to the phone

Now comes the interesting part. The i-Blades team has innovated a wireless data and energy transfer hardware in the form of Smart Blades. These are small rectangular blocks that connect to the back of i-Blades cover wirelessly with the help of magnetic beads. They call it the ‘snap on’ feature. As of now, two types of Smart Blades are available—one can carry battery charge and increase the phone’s battery life by 10 hours, while the other increases storage space by up to 64GB.

Smart Blades stack

What’s more, one Smart Blade can stack on top of another, which is already coupled to the cover—and the data or energy will flow to-and-from all of them.

So you can expand your memory up to 128GB by adding two memory Smart Blades or double your battery capacity by adding two power Smart Blades—or do both!

Like Nexpaq and MODR, i-Blades is compatible with iPhone and Samsung models.


BUDU—the flexible one
BUDU cover lets you carry your smartphone completely hands-free. While it is basically a simple smartphone case, you can purchase additional accessories.

The BUDU armband

One of the more popular options is Armband, which is made of light Lycra material. You can wrap the band on your arm along with headphone pouches. Another attachment is an anti-gravity nano-suction back cover that lets you stick your phone on a flat vertical surface.
There are more innovative accessories that can bring out innovative use-cases for BUDU. The product is available only for iPhones (version 6 onward).

So now your phone will not only be safe but also pack much more power. Which smart cover would you like to pick up? Let us know.