Gadgets to track your health


Sedentary lifestyle together with environmental pollution increases the risk for many health problems including heart disease, asthma, obesity, headaches, diabetes, anxiety and gastrointestinal problems. Technology can help you to keep fit by monitoring your health and also suggesting the best possible ways to cure. A few such fitness monitoring gadgets are listed here.

It can identify the level of inflammation, testosterone, vitamin D and fertility with a small amount of blood or saliva. It also lets you check test results over your mobile phone.

CUE and measured value of vitamin D shown on the phone

iHealth Smart
It’s a portable, wireless, personal diabetes data management device. It monitors glucose level of your body via a test slip with a detachable dongle attached to an iPhone or other smartphone. It is available on Amazon.

Health device and measured value of glucose on the phone (Courtesy:
AMI Bolt

It measures blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, temperature and other body vitals and uses an app to keep track of the overall health. It is available on Amazon.

AMI Bolt device and its accessories for measuring different vital signs

Verilux CleanWave
It’s a rechargeable sanitiser wand that uses powerful ultraviolet light to kill odour- and germs-causing bacteria. It is a chemical-free technology to sanitise toys, pet beds, ambulances, etc. The device is available on Amazon.

Verilux sanitiser wand (Courtesy:

This fitness tracking watch counts your steps, monitors your sleep, tracks your swimming and records calories burned. It is made up of PVD-coated metal attached to a silicone strap.  Its battery lasts about eight months. Withings is available on Amazon in a range of nice colours.

Withings fitness watch and measurements taken by it shown on a phone (Courtesy:

Brookstone pain-relief wand
An alternative to the traditional ice packs or heating pads, it is an instant hot or cold pain-relief wand that cools to 6.1ºC (43ºF) and heats to 40ºC (104ºF) in just one minute. It is powered by four AA-size batteries and uses hot/cold therapy to reduce pain, treat aching muscles and stimulate circulation. It is available on Amazon.

Fitbit Aria
This high-tech weighing device lets you track your body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage. You can share the collected data wirelessly with many other apps or your computer for tracking. The device gives a notification on your smartphone when you achieve a fitness goal. It is available on Amazon.

AliveCor heart monitor
It is a mobile-phone based electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring band that lets you track your heart health anytime, anywhere. The tiny, slim and simple device attaches to your phone case. Simply open the Kardia app on your smartphone, put your fingers on the electrodes and see results instantly. It records and collects the ECG data for post-process health analysis. Relevant data helps doctors to diagnose health issue more accurately. AliveCor heart monitor is available on Amazon.

AliveCor compatibility with phone and smart watch

It alerts about the presence of harmful gases like CO and volatile organic compounds in real time via a free mobile app. It also measures air humidity and ambient temperature. Its compact size and USB connectivity allow you to use it anytime and anywhere.

(L) Atmotube structure and (R) measurement app on the mobile

Fitbit Surge
It is a touch-screen smart watch that not only alerts you about incoming phone calls and text messages but also tracks your steps and sleep. It has special GPS, so you need not take your phone to exercise. You can connect with other Fitbit activity trackers to compete with or share your activities. Fitbit Surge is available on Amazon.

Fitbit Surge

Withings wireless blood pressure monitor
This soft cuff provides accurate on-the-go heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. It connects to the respective app on your mobile through Bluetooth. The app can measure blood pressure, heart rate and steps taken weekly. It ensures accuracy by taking an average of three measurements. It is available on Amazon.

(L) Withings blood pressure monitoring device and (R) the respective mobile app (Courtesy: )

SteriPen Ultra
This rechargeable water purifier uses ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy 99.9 per cent of all the harmful viruses, bacteria and organisms existing in water. It can treat 50 litres per charge with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A smiley face on the screen indicates that the water is safe to drink, while a frowning face indicates that the treatment process needs to be repeated. You just need to hold the device over the surface for 30-60 seconds. SteriPen Ultra is available on Amazon.

SteriPen Ultra

Viatom Checkme
This tool monitors various health parameters. It takes only a few seconds to determine whether you have fever.

Viatom health monitoring device (Courtesy:

It can measure ECG, systolic blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse rate and rhythm and sleep.