Thermal Cameras to Take Images and Scan Areas in Dark


Thermal imaging devices with a function of balancing visible light with infrared, enabling you to effectively monitor an area under all lighting conditions

Dahua Technology will be developing thermal imaging devices, equipped with features to capture images and monitor areas in poorly-lit areas or during the night, an official statement was released. These thermal cameras come with the ability to convert heat energy into an image that is visible to the human eye.

Advantages over conventional surveillance cameras

Thermal cameras are installed with the functions that balance visible light with infrared thereby letting users effectively capture images and monitor areas under different kinds of lighting conditions. When met with a poorly lit area or at night, conventional surveillance cameras’ capability to capture videos start to decline as their sensors are compelled to compensate for the lack of light by enhancing sensitivity and therefore, produces a noisy image.

The thermal imaging devices use their abilities to convert heat energy into a visible image to generate good quality images and videos, which is an important criterion of an effective surveillance system.

Implemented with advanced capabilities

The camera has been installed with a quality of balancing visible light with infrared, therefore allowing users to effectively monitor an area under all light conditions. Also, it includes capabilities such as intelligent temperature measurement and behaviour analysis, which further widens the scope of surveillance applications such as perimeter protection or equipment predictive maintenance in substations.

It adopted advanced uncooled infrared detectors with 400×300 effective pixels, realising a 40% increase over the previous infrared detector. Evidently, the field of view has increased that is the model TPC-BF5400 with 13mm thermal lens has a 29.7⁰x22.3⁰ field of view while the older model TPC-BF5300 has a field of view of 25⁰x19⁰ with the same lens.

Less sensitive to changes in the environment

The camera has the ability to detect moving people or objects even in total darkness, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It helps in monitoring a scene for tripwire violations, intrusion detection and abandoned or missing objects.

When installed at the recommended height of 5 meters, one camera can cover a 100 meters long fence. Whether it is day or night, as long as someone enters into a targeted area, a warning will be sent to the control centre.

Not just for video surveillance

The camera is suitable for remote temperature monitoring as well that is helpful in preventing accidents. By calculating the corresponding relationship between received radiation energy and temperature, thermal imaging devices show the surface temperature of the target through different grey values. Currently, the temperature measurement tolerance is within a certain range- ±2°C, ±2%. The camera also provides users with real-time information about substation equipment. If the temperature of equipment or part of the station exceeds a preset threshold, the system will automatically trigger an alarm and alert the management.