One Size Fits All Approach No Longer Enough: DJ Koh


Samsung’s mobile division President also claimed that Samsung is the only true ‘Make in India’ device maker. The company has already shifted its TV manufacturing base to Vietnam

DJ Koh addressing Media

DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics, launched flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone range at an event in New Delhi. He said that with Samsung’s biggest factory located in India, the company has set eyes towards ‘Make for the World’.

Koh said, “Nowhere is this more apparent than right here in India, where we have invested heavily. We are the only device maker that is truly ‘Made in India’. We have been making phones here locally since 2007 at the World’s largest mobile factory in Noida. And India is home to our largest experience store, which we opened in September 2018 – in Bengaluru.”

Device line-up in all segments

Samsung is counted among a few smartphone makers that offer devices in all the smartphone segments. It had recently launched M20 and M30 smartphones in the affordable category in the country. The company has also started offering Samsung A-Series devices, mostly in the Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 smartphone category. Now, the compnay has also brought its flagship galaxy S10 series in the country.

“We know that a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer enough. Millennial and Gen Z consumers want choice,” said Koh.

He added that Samsung was successfully able to capture half of the total market share in the premium smartphone category. Interestingly a recent report by Counterpoint Research had said that Oneplus and Samsung had captures 34 and 33 per cent market share in the premium smartphone category in India.

Koh added, “In the premium category, Samsung has seen tremendous success in the country, with the Galaxy. Galaxy Note9, launched last year, is doing extremely well.”

Galaxy M Series

Samsung’s Presdient for mobile devices also mentioned Galaxy M Series and said that the smartphones were developed on basis of user’s feedback. It is to be noted here that Samsung is organising an open sale of its latest M30 smartphone devices, today, in the country.

“Designed specifically for tech savvy millennials, our India-first Galaxy M series has had a great positive response from consumers. By listening and responding to your feedback we are creating meaningful innovation that meets the needs of the market,” Koh said.