A.O Smith Announces Plans to Roll Pan India with Water Purifier Business


The company is the first US-based water heater company to breakthrough in India in 2008 and has so far invested US$ 75 million in the country

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Parag Kulkarni, Managing Director of A.O Smith


World’s largest manufacturer of water heaters – A.O. Smith, has announced to expand its water purifier business all over India by distributing to 46 cities of the country and encouraging access to 75% of the water purifier market.

Water purifier business has contributed to 20 per cent of the company’s overall business in three years

Parag Kulkarni, Managing Director (MD) of A.O Smith India stated that the company’s business grew by more than 40 per cent in 2017 with water purifier business increasing two-fold. “Encouraged by the consumer response, we are now taking our distribution to 46 cities which will provide us access to 75% of the purifier market,” he added.

Kulkarni said that the company expects that the water purifier business that went to 20 per cent in three years will become 30 per cent in 2018. “Focused on health and environmental benefits, our differentiated offerings such as hot water, Green Series of products which recover two times more water than an ordinary RO Water Purifier, Baby Safe – 8 Stage purification and professional service have been very well received by consumers,” he added.

With the concept of RO water purifier new, growth in this segment is higher

In comparison to Ultra Violet (UV) and gravity water purification, which has been the core of water filter technology in India before Reverse Osmosis (RO) cut through, the penetration in the latter segment is still very low in the country – thanks to a few players in the market. The RO purifier market therefore has potential to grow in the Indian market especially with growing response from second-tier cities for better value proposition, which in turn can be leveraged.