Philips Declares Virat Kohli as Their Brand Ambassador for Male Grooming


The brand expects that Virat Kohli’s image as a key influencer of style statement among Indian youth will help it to enhance its name among millenials

Philips India has announced Indian Cricket team captain and youth icon, Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador for male grooming. At a launch event of an advanced range of Philips Trimmers BT 3000 Series, the company made the announcement. This range is equipped with 20 style settings, enhanced lift and cut technology aimed to boost Indian men’s grooming experience. With his beard being the most loved aspect of his style statement, Philips believes that Kohli is the right choice.

Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Why Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli is one of the most impacting style icons of the country’s youth. Philips’ hopes that this image of the cricketer has the power to boost the brand’s name among the youth. Speaking about the partnership at the launch event, senior marketing director & business head, Philips Personal Care, Ms. Dipti Jagdev Shah said that choosing Kohli was a ‘natural choice’ given that his beard is the most influential part of his style statement. She also said that the cricketer emphasises the brand philosophy of modern men.

She added: “He embodies the inner confidence to stand up for what feels right to him. ‘Do what feels right’ is Philips’ powerful call to action to encourage Indian men to follow their instincts and do what feels right.”

President, Personal Health, Philips India Limited, Mr. ADA Ratnam said that Kohli “exemplifies the confidence that comes from within; beyond the traditional role of a man.”

He stated that with the partnership, he hopes that Philips will be able to encourage men to express their respective personalities and take care of their appearances.

“Our association with Virat underlines the deep commitment Philips has to India and we will continue to bring world class innovations to Indian consumers,” he added.

Kohli’s ‘excited’ about the partnership

Expressing his views on the collaboration, Virat Kohli stated that he is “very excited and proud to be associated with an iconic brand like Philips.” The Indian skipper said that the personal care items of Philips are in line with innovative and excellent performance – something that he strives towards.

He added: “I love my beard to be always perfectly styled. I use Philips Trimmer and it’s a great product to groom my beard into any style that feels right to me.”

The collaboration has already gone viral

The partnership between Kohli and Philips has already produced a buzz among the consumers. In the build-up to the launch event of the advanced range of Philips Trimmers, the company had initiated a social media campaign that went viral. In the campaign, the cricketer speaks about his love for his beard and if it is required of him to insure the same.