Cut in Porting Fees May Urge MNP Providers to Stop Porting Number


If matter is not resolved, service providers have threatened to terminate their services once their license term ends on March 2019

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Image courtesy: Pixabay

Are you planning to port your mobile number to a different service provider? You might need to hurry as porting operations is likely to stop after March 2019. The two companies responsible for carrying out mobile number portability (MNP) are currently protesting against the Telecom Authority of India’s (TRAI) decision to slash porting charges by nearly 80% from Rs 19 to Rs 4 effective since January 2018. The companies have complained that TRAI’s move has caused daily losses and if this continues, they will be forced to close their services once their license terms conclude in March 2019.

MNP providers have written to the government for intervention

MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions and Syniverse Technologies – the two companies, which are responsible in performing MNP operations in India, have both submitted written documents to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) citing their disagreement to continue with the slashed porting charges.

An official from MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions stated that the revised tariff to Rs 4 has made their business less feasible and unsustainable. The official also said the company is facing losses on an every day basis and are failing to pay salaries to their employees as well. A Syniverse executive has informed that the TRAI decision on the payment procedure that says porting fee will only be provided for each successful port as opposed to the work-done system, has worsened the situation.

While MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions have clearly expressed their decision to terminate services after March 2019, Syniverse has told about their problems to DoT. “While we do not comment on pending legal activity, it is important to (note) that Syniverse has not made any confirmations to the DoT whether or not we will renew our MNP licence when it comes up for renewal in March 2019,” said Himanshu Goel, managing director, India, Middle East and Africa, Syniverse.

Both the companies have dealt with over 370 million porting requests until March 2018, including 20 million in last month itself.

DoT will consider replacements, if need be

DoT officials are willing to put an end to this ongoing feud between TRAI and the two MNP operators. However, the government authority is ready for the worst case scenario and has stated that it will be looking for replacements if the issue does not get resolved in time. The case will be next heard on July 4, 2018.

If MNP services get deterred, the direct victims would be the users. Those who want to switch service providers due to bad network, poor bill plans and others, will have no choice than to cope with these issues.